Geneva Health

August 2nd, 2005

Geneva Health screenshotGeneva Health is a recruitment company specializing in the health sector, including nursing, medical, clinical support and allied health professionals. Geneva Health has three websites targeting their three primary markets — the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Each is a functionally-rich job site with supporting helpful articles, including such things as CV guidelines, making an overseas move, registration requirements and more. Job applicants can of course apply online. The site is built with search engines in mind, and includes spider friendly URLs along with optimized HTML and content.

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Natural Search Optimization and Website Development Clinic

eTail East 2005 — Philadelphia

August 2nd, 2005


Another innovation at eTail. Set away from the hurly burly of the conference, we are providing you with the opportunity to get an in-depth diagnostic treatment for your site.

4 dedicated stations will help you optimize every element of your website, from Search, to Analytics to CRM and Visualization, there is a cure for every pain point! Make sure you sign up for your 30-minute session today.

New eyetracking study: where Google searchers look and click

March 10th, 2005


aggregate mapI found the eyetracking study from Enquiro and Did-It unveiled last week at Search Engine Strategies and covered in Search Day fascinating. The aggregate heat map shown on the right (larger version here) shows where participants focused their eyes (and their attention) the most. As you can see, the first listing not only drew the most attention; the full listing was read more fully from left to right, than other listings.

Visibility drops the further down the search results you go, and clickthroughs drop even more markedly (as you can see from the graphs below). This got me thinking about Zipf’s Law. Zipf’s Law is applicable to Top Ten Lists, as Seth Godin explains, perhaps Zipf’s Law might be applicable to the SERPs (search engine results pages) too? (In general terms, Zipf’s Law states that being #1 is much, much better than being #2 which is much, much better than being #3 and so on. So dominating a Top 10 list is critical.) Although these graphs don’t follow Zipf’s Law exactly, nonetheless given this data I’d consider it foolish to be complacent if your search listings are not at the very top of the SERPs.

What is it about searchers that makes them so blind to relevant results further down the page? Is this due to the “implied endorsement” effect, where searchers tend to simply trust Google to point them to the right thing? Or is it just the way humans are wired, to make snap decisions, as Malcolm Gladwell insightfully explains in his new book, Blink? According to the study, 72% of searchers click on the first link of interest, whereas 25.5% read all listings first, then decide. My guess is that both effects (“implied endorsement” and “rapid cognition”) play a role in searcher behavior.

A few other important take-aways from the study:

  1. 6/7 (85%) of searchers click on natural (“organic”) results (not 60/40 as the search engines and PPC (pay-per-click) vendors would have you believe).
  2. The top 4 sponsored slots are equivalent in views to being ranked at #7 – #10 natural.
  3. (corollary to #2): This means if you need to make a business case for natural search, then (assuming you can attain at least #3 rank in natural for the same keywords you bid on) natural search could be worth two to three times your PPC results.

In all, a superb research study. Great job Did-It, Enquiro, and EyeTools!

line graph of visibility
line graph of clickthroughs

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March 2nd, 2005

AntiqueHardware.com screenshotThis ecommerce site offers a range of items from cabinet hardware to telephone booths and from rubber duckies to magnificent clawfoot bathtubs. AntiqueHardware.com offers original restored antiques as well as flawless replica pieces perfect for any home or office. Visitors are greeted with their own account pages and an easily navigated shopping cart experience.

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Audience Development and the Internet

Circulation and the Internet: Co-hosted by American Business Media and National Trade Circulation Foundation, Inc. — New York City

February 8th, 2005


  1. The benefit of the internet to your circulation/audience development efforts, and how important it is to your company
  2. How to use email to renew or acquire new subscribers
  3. E-mail tests – what’s working, what’s not working
  4. Search engine marketing – what are you using and how is it working
  5. Banner ads – are they working, what have you changed, where do you have them
  6. How has can spam effected your subscription efforts? How has it effected your list rental activities? How has it effected your use of outside lists for subscription promotion?
  7. Web agents – are they still working?
  8. Blogs – are they a source of names? How can we get subscription information onto a blog?
  9. Email files – do you have separate files for circulation, web casts, eNL, or a combined database for all? Advantages and disadvantages for each.

Gloria Adams, Pennwell – Moderator
Laura Wilson, NEJM – Panelist
Sean Fulton, GCN Publishing – Panelist
Brian Klais, Netconcepts – Panelist

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Marketing Association

February 1st, 2005

The Marketing Association New Zealand screenshotThe Marketing Association, formerly the New Zealand DMA, is an industry body serving New Zealand marketers with professional development, networking, advocacy, government lobbying, and more.

Being on the leading edge of marketing in New Zealand, the organisation needed a website that conveyed that they understood the evolving model of the Web from passive publishing to participatory conversations. So the site was redesigned to have a very bloggy feel to it. Functionality includes a banner ad management system, content management system, and a members-only area.

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Information As Power

December 10th, 2004


Originally published in Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow That Works

Most companies don’t even realize their competitors are “eating their lunch” online – ranking higher in the search engines, getting more traffic, converting more visitors into buyers and enjoying better returns on their website investment. They simply don’t know how well their website is performing. And they are missing out on valuable e-business opportunities.

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Hiring experts brought results

“My job is to make my boss look good, and when SecureWorks hired Netconcepts for SEO I expected them to make me look good – and they definitely did.”

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Charity appreciates website advice

“Stephan Spencer has been a steadfast supporter of our work, particularly in the initial phases. He provided, through Netconcepts, our website facility gratis and was always available for consulting on matters of communication website improvement. I consider his technical knowledge is of the highest level in the field.”

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Get Google to Love your Web site

MarketingProfs virtual seminar series — online (webcast)

April 27th, 2004

Webcast by

The Internet’s next killer app for marketers has emerged: Google.

Google’s search algorithms power over half of all Web search queries, making high-ranking Google listings a marketer’s dream. While natural listings in Google deliver millions in sales to some of the Web’s savviest retailers, most websites are not properly designed to reach this market. How can you adjust or revamp your site so Google will love it?

Join Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts, during this rich presentation to learn the essential strategies of putting Google to work for your Web site.

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