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Web Site Design Spotlight: Live, On-the-spot Critique of Retailers’ Sites

Internet Retailer 2008 — Chicago, IL

June 11th, 2008


A team of long time e-commerce experts will provide live reviews and makeovers for sites from the audience members. Retailers in the audience will be asked to bring search marketing, user experience, e-commerce strategy and other design questions to this session where experts will view the sites in question and provide answers to fix what ails their web sites. Audience members who volunteer their sites for critique will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card.

Lauren Freedman, President, the e-tailing group
Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts
Amy Africa, President, Eight by Eight

Website Metrics and ROI: Getting the Most out of Your Online Marketing Spend

Lorman Education Teleconferences — online

March 4th, 2008

Seminar by

In this teleseminar, learn what to measure, including…

  • Abandonment metrics – for uncovering why visitors are leaving your site prematurely
  • Conversion metrics – for insight into your acquisition funnel
  • Retention metrics – for boosting your customer retention
  • Search engine metrics – for obtaining the best return on your search marketing investment
  • Email marketing metrics – for achieving the highest response rates from your email campaigns

Is your web site successful? Is your online marketing — including your SEO, paid search ads, email campaigns — all working, and how can you find out? The answer lies in metrics. It’s hard to improve upon something you’re not measuring. You could drop $100,000 on a high-end web analytics package. But if you don’t have a staffer dedicated to making sense of all those reports and taking some sort action as a result, it’s wasted money. Better to spend $10,000 on a lesser web analytics solution and $90,000 for a salary to employ someone highly skilled in web analytics. In fact, you’d be surprised the powerful tools you can get for free (and yes, we’ll go over some of the most exciting ones during the teleseminar). However, right now your first investment should be in signing up for this teleseminar.

Stephan Spencer — Founder and President, Netconcepts
Avinash Kaushik — Author, Speaker and Analytics Evangelist

Driving Engagement Through Widgets and Gadgets

Shop.org Strategy and Innovation Forum — Orlando, FL

January 23rd, 2008


iGoogle, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo – social networks are the hottest topic of Web 2.0. Recent developments such as Google’s OpenSocial platform may further accelerate the explosive growth in widget and gadget application users. So what do widgets really mean to your customers and to your bottom line? What monetization strategies should you focus on to ensure widgets are more than just a buzzword to your organization? And how to you prevent your widget from becoming another lost or unused orphan among thousands of other apps? Misty Locke, co-founder and president of Range Online Media, has been working with numerous retailers to determine the most innovative, engaging and measurable approach to web applications. Misty will lead a discussion with other industry experts to answer these questions and to tackle how to succeed with widgets and gadgets today, pitfalls to avoid and emerging opportunities beyond 2008.

Misty Locke, Co-Founder and President, Range Online Media
Stephan Spencer, Founder and President, NetConcepts
Pinny Gniwisch, Founder and EVP Marketing, ice.com

Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers & Answer Sharing

SMX Social Media — New York, NY

October 17th, 2007


Web users rely on community-contributed-content sites such as Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers. These sites enable you to communicate directly with an engaged audience. But contribute to the conversation with care. Too much spin and you’re credibility will be shot-and your brand damaged. You’ll come away from this session knowing how these influential sites work and how to participate constructively.

Wikipedia & SEO

eComXpo — Online

October 10th, 2007

Moderated by

It seems like Wikipedia shows up in the first page of results in Google for just about every search imaginable. WikipediaĆ¢??s position as a top authority site is undisputed. Having a presence in Wikipedia has never been so important as it is now, despite the fact that external links in Wikipedia no longer pass PageRank. And it’s never been so dangerous to make self-interested edits to Wikipedia as it is today, particularly with the advent of such wikisleuthing tools as the Wikiscanner.

Is there a place in Wikipedia for you? Can you protect your interests within Wikipedia in a way that is appropriate and minimizes the risk of a backlash — now and in the future? Want to know the best ways to interact with the service? Want to learn some valuable lessons from a few Wikipedia marketing successes and failures? Then this session is for you!

Stephan Spencer, Founder and President, Netconcepts

Neil Patel, CTO, Advantage Consulting Services
Jonathan Hochman, Founder/President, JE Hochman & Associates
Don Steele, Director of Enterprise Marketing, Comedy Central

Instrumental in Ensuring Nearly Triple-digit Traffic Growth

DM News Logo“…interactive specialist Netconcepts was equally instrumental in ensuring nearly triple-digit traffic growth to the site thanks to effective site architecture and plumbing. The attentive client service and expertise at all levels within Netconcepts also was remarkable. Thank you for a wonderful Web site that helped us set a new standard online.”

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Web 2.0 for Publishers

January 30th, 2007

In this presentation to The Wisconsin PublishersĆ¢?? Production Club‘s (WPPC) Catalog Innovations meeting in January, Netconcepts’ Director of E-Business, Hershel Reese explains how Web 2.0 has great implications for catalogers and publishers online.

RSS feeds are changing the way people are consuming their media. You need to stay on top of this channel in order to remain competitive online.

Web 2.0 is also changing the way people interact with web properties. The user generated content phenomena is helping site owners to actively engage an audience and build community online.

This presentation will also discuss how one online publisher, www.dmnews.com, is leveraging the Web 2.0 tool kit.

Social Media Sites are emerging as a channel to be reckoned with online. If you are not participating in these communities you are missing opportunities for increased brand recognition and traffic to your sites.

You Will Discover:

  • Best practices for RSS usage
  • The benefits of user generated content
  • Why tagging matters for website owners
  • How industry leaders are leveraging Web 2.0
  • How social media can bump up your traffic and impressions

This presentation was originally held on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at The Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, WI.

Stop, Thief! How to Protect Your Site from Copyright Infringement

January 23rd, 2007


Originally published in MarketingProfs

They say that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Not if you are a Web site owner and you have a brand to protect, however!

I’ve seen designs copied, content copied, even entire sites copied. It’s so easy for infringers to “View Source” and take whatever they like, without regard to copyright.

You can locate copyright infringers pretty easily with Copyscape if they’ve lifted some of your page copy. It’s much more difficult if they’ve limited their sticky fingers to just your design.

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Case Study: TRUSTcite

TRUSTcite Logo

  • a showcase for Web 2.0 ‘done right’
  • site built upon web standards and accessibility
  • easy for visitors to find and compare service providers based on referrals and recommendations from business people and past clients
  • ranked search result based on peer reviews and user feedback
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Interview with web content guru Gerry McGovern

October 4th, 2006


Web content guru Gerry McGovern, author of “Killer Content” – one of the best books on writing copy for the web – says that one of the biggest mistakes companies make in regards to their website content is thinking that customers care one little bit about the company. “Customers care about themselves (their loved ones and their community),” he said in an interview with founder and president of Netconcepts, Stephan Spencer. He went on to add that organizations need to be customer-centric, talk about benefits, and speak the language of the customer.

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