Professional Services

Covario offers consulting services to optimize and achieve success in the three pillars of SEO:


The architecture of the website is critical to making it easy for search engines to find and spider through the site.


Using the right keywords, in the right way, puts your website in front of your target audience when they are ready to buy.


Links drive credibility and page rank. Building programs that create the right links and using them appropriately throughout the website raises your visibility with the search engines.

Professional Services

Website Audits

Covario approaches audits as if we were a search engine spider. We identify barriers within your website that repel search engines and keep them from indexing your pages and recognizing your content. With this information, we create a prioritized list of recommendations that are presented with specific examples from your site and from your competition. The result provides a road map for correcting the barriers and enhancing visibility and rankings.

SEO Consulting

Also know as natural search consulting, our customized programs provide expert evaluation and a detailed strategy for maximizing the return on investment for natural search. Then we dig in with you to support the implementation with expert advice and practices.
Areas of expertise include:

  • SEO: Keyword Research – ensuring the right keywords are used in navigation, tags, and links
  • Content Optimization â?? finding the balance of keyword use to have content that supports search engine spikers
  • Link Bait and Link Building â?? getting the right links to the website to raise visibility and rankings
  • Social Media â?? using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs to create interest and links to your website. Covario consultants are social media experts, bringing practical and proven experience to build strategies around social media.
  • Paid Search â?? The Covario approach to paid search is unique. We believe that a paid search strategy should complement natural search where each supports the other.