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October 7th, 2005


Originally published in Multichannel Merchant

Ann Meyer, author for Multichannel Merchant, discusses the power of natural search over paid search listings. This article goes on to mention the importance of proper keyword usage and the need for scaleable optimization techniques.

Included in this article are quotes from Netconcepts’ VP of Client Services, Jody Hartwig. Jody shares her views on natural search and the best practices needed to succeed in todayâ??s market.

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Alternative Marketing Case Study: What Happened When Etailers Dove into Blogs, Podcasting and RSS

Shop.org Annual Summit — Las Vegas, NV

September 13th, 2005

Panel Moderated by

See the results of actual trials and implementations of alternative marketing techniques used to drive online sales. Learn how online retailers eHobbies.com, Ice.com, and Steve Spangler Science have utilized alternative marketing tactics such as blogs and RSS feeds to expand their marketing reach and build customer loyalty. Panelists will share tips on executing a successful campaign, implementation costs, and how to measure the impact of these new marketing tactics. A must-attend session for retailers looking for alternatives to increasingly expensive online marketing tactics such as SEM. Retailers looking for alternatives to increasingly expensive online marketing tactics such as SEM must attend this session.

Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts

Pinny Gniwisch, EVP Marketing, Ice.com
Seth Greenberg, CEO, eHobbies
Steve Spangler, SteveSpanglerScience.com

Coverage of SES San Jose: Earning from Search & Contextual Ads

August 8th, 2005


Hello from sunny San Jose. I’m at the Search Engine Strategies conference – THE place to be if you care about search. I’m going to be blogging the sessions, so stay tuned over the next 4 days.

Here’s my first installment: a recap on the session I attended before lunch today on “Earning from Search & Contextual Ads”. Panelists were: Jason Calacanis, Co-Founder, Weblogs, Inc., Will Johnson, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Scott Meyer, President & CEO, About, Inc., Gokul Rajaram, Group Product Manager of Google AdSense, Google Inc. and Jen Slegg, Owner, JenSense.com.

Jen from JenSense.com started the panel off:
Jen started off by comparing and contrasting AdSense w/ Yahoo’s new YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network). Similarities include…
– very large pool of advertisers
– real time stats
– neither will tell you the revenue split
– can’t show both YPN and AdSense ads on the same page

Differences include…
with AdSense:
– 4 ads in smaller font
– international publishers ok
– offers additional tools & services
– more competition for higest paying
– multiple ad units per page
– “smart pricing” (CTR taken into account in pricing)

with YPN:
– 3 ads in a much larger font
– beta for US publishers
– only traditional ad units
– fewer publishers means less competition
– same ads on multiple units
– no smart pricing
– in future will be able to transfer your earnings to your advertising account

Many alternatives to AdSense and YPN:
– Kanoodle brightads: avg $0.35 earnings per click (EPC). 30,000 advertisers in network.
– Adsonar: thousands of advertisers
– Clicksor: avg $0.20 EPC. 4,000 advertisers running 20,000 campaigns. Will pull ads from other ad networks if insufficient clicks.
– Chitika: avg EPC $0.50
– Mirago: avg EPC .21p (approx $0.31 USD). you must invoice them. 12,000 advertisers
– ContextWeb: over 40,000 advertisers
bidclix: avg EPC 0.30. 11,000 advertisers
– Others include Miva Adrevenue xpress, Quigo, etc.
Rhetorical question from Jen: “When will MSN jump in?”

Optimizing tips:
– Placement: Bottom of page is bad. Good practice is to make link color the same as other links on the site. Anther good tactic is to place the ads on the left column where the nav usually is.
– Proximity:
– Ad unit selection: Try a variety of sizes and test.
– Ad unit colors & borders: Don’t use the standard ad unit colors / layout. Mix things up to prevent banner blindness. Try both complimentary and contrasting colors. Most sites find hidden borders yield highest CTR. like 2 or 3 times
– URL filters: Don’t do it as a way to get higher paying ads to appear. Only block your direct competitors or your own websites.

– Use AdSense or YPN channels to track highest CTR & earnings pages. AdSense or YPN may perform better. Try both.
– Test on non-holiday weeks
– Try switching ad placement, ad unit sizes and colors
– Keep track of what works and what doesn’t
– Never assume that what works on one site will work on another.


Leveraging the Explosive New Blogging Trend in Your Integrated Marketing Mix

Frost and Sullivan: Sales and Marketing East — Boston

July 21st, 2005

Seminar by

Blogs can be an immensely powerful marketing tool in the right hands, establishing the blogger as a widely-read, oft-quoted, trusted authority in their field of interest. Blogs can also wreck havoc on reputations (just ask Kryptonite) and careers (remember Dan Rather and “Rathergate”?). Welcome to the new, conversational Internet. It’s time to join the “blogosphere” – hopefully before your competitors do!”

  • Successful applications of blog and webfeed (RSS) technology
  • How blogs and RSS can and should fit into your marketing plan
  • Best practices to emulate, pitfalls to avoid
  • Case Studies and Examples: Lessons Learned

Killer Content

July 1st, 2005


Originally published in Unlimited

In real estate, itâ??s “location, location, location”. In web marketing, itâ??s “content, content, content”. Your web content is the single most important factor for your website’s success

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Interactive Marketing: Reaching Customers in an On-Demand World

University of Wisconsin Executive Education - Integrated Customer Communications — Madison, WI

June 30th, 2005

Workshop by

Technology continues to revolutionize the sales and marketing efforts of firms worldwide. Businesses must either adapt or put themselves at risk. Companies and customers communicate and interact with each other in substantially different ways than 10 or even 5 years ago. Direct and interactive marketing are converging, financial metrics are increasingly mainstream, and customers expect channel “silos” to be broken down. Learn how to benefit from the new tools and thinking in managing customer relations to increase sales, improve strategies, and reach online and offline markets.

Search engine marketing

  • Make your site “search engine friendly”
  • Explore “Pay-per-click” search advertising
  • Analyze benchmarking, competitive intelligence and ROI
  • Identify trends in contextual, behavioral and local advertising

Create a buzz – viral marketing

  • Explore blogs, RSS feeds, forums, wikis and more
  • Harness “word of mouse” to enhance your brand
  • Discover the “sneezers” who will spread your viral message

Thought Leaders on Marketing Blogs – Part 2

May 24th, 2005


Originally published in MarketingProfs

Experts reveal their top most effective blogging tactics and talk about what business bloggers must do to be an accepted member of the blogosphere.

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Live from ACC: Power Forum Packs a Punch

May 23rd, 2005


Originally published in Multichannel Merchant

This week at the annual ACCM conference in Orlando, FL, attendees gained a marketers share of Web insight at the Annual Catalog Conference’s power forum and brunch. Moderated by Sherry Chiger, editorial director, Multichannel Merchant, panelists Stephan Spencer, founder and president of Netconcepts, Ken Burke, president/CEO of Market Live, and Amy Africa, president of Creative Results shared their wealth of search engine expertise.

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Multichannel Marketing Power Forum

Annual Catalog Conference — Orlando, Florida

May 23rd, 2005


Multichannel Merchant editorial director, Sherry Chiger will moderate. Learn about the latest news, trends, and opportunities in multichannel marketing from a panel of leading-edge experts, and take away tips for improving sales and profits.

Sherry Chiger, Editorial Director, Multichannel Merchant Magazine
Amy Africa, President, Creative Results
Ken Burke, CEO, MarketLive Inc.
Founder & President: Stephan Spencer, Netconcepts

Thought Leaders on Marketing Blogs – Part 1

May 17th, 2005


Originally published in MarketingProfs

How do you make a solid business case for blogging for marketing? What about managing upper management’s expectations on the outcome? Should you hire a professional blogger to write your company blog?

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