Orbital RPM

February 7th, 2008

Orbital RPM screenshotOrbital RPM is a consulting firm merging the strategic oversight of a Chief Learning Officer [CLO] with the most progressive methodologies of learning and development. A workforce that has evolved from an industrial society to a knowledge society requires learning and development that has undergone the same transformation. Traditional training was suitable for the way businesses operated several decades ago. Orbital RPM brings the revolution in learning and development needed by todayâ??s workforce.

Orbital RPM sought a website on the leading edge of functionality to match our progressive services. Our goal is to become the information destination for learning and development professionals and our new site is a major asset in that pursuit by including a tag cloud, videos, podcasts, a calendar of events and behind the scenes content management for easy maintenance.

Black Swan

August 1st, 2007

Black Swan screenshotBlack Swan has been providing consumers with Home, Hearth and Gift products for over 28 years. Black Swan was looking to take their web presence to the next level and selected Netconcepts GravityMarket solution.

The new website offers a sleek design on top of a search optimal ecommerce structure. Black Swan enjoys a robust content management system that allows for the balance of the siteâ??s content to be updated via web interface. The site also provides RSS feeds of featured products, which open up an additional communication channel to customers.

With this new site design and structure, Black Swan is sure to be heating up the Internet.

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Visit site: Black Swan Home


February 12th, 2007

Play Fair Toys screenshotProviding “Toys with Conscience” to consumers around the world for over 20 years, PlayFair has offered unique, open-ended, stimulating learning, and educational toys through catalogs and retail locations. Sticking to their business foundation, Play Fair Toys wanted to be conscience of their online consumers and develop additional website merchandising control. Netconcepts rebuilt PlayFairToys.com to have as much character as their products.

Among the features of Playfairtoys.com are personalized account creation, real-time shopping cart on every page, newsletter sign-up, customer information section, help-text for shipping, gift wrapping, and much more including a blog written by President and CEO of Play Fair Toys, Marilyn Walker.

One of the most notable, and successful, aspects of Play Fair Toys is their usability of product navigation. Products are labeled into classic toys, by interest, activity, age level, sale items, best selling, and more. Check out PlayFairToys.com for all your educational toys & games for all ages.

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Visit site: Play Fair Toys


December 6th, 2006

CreditDemystified.com screenshotCredit Demystified was designed to help visitors become credit savvy. Dedicated to providing simple answers to complicated credit questions, Credit Demystified provides free articles, workbooks, and links to home loan options. Built on behalf of Countrywide Home Loans, the site is designed to make the most of Web 2.0 opportunities, and like all Netconceptsâ?? websites it is search engine optimal.

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Visit the site: Credit Demystified
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November 29th, 2006

PoolDawg screenshotPoolDawg offers one of the largest selections of billiards and gameroom products on the web. PoolDawg is also the ultimate resource for your home gameroom, carrying pool table repair kits and furnishings certain to improve any gameroom. After a Pooldawg.com website audit, this ecommerce site was redesigned and built by Netconcepts to ensure full SEO site structure could be achieved.

Among the extraordinary site features offered to customers are testimonials, buying guides, billiard basics, RSS for featured products, detailed product specifications, and more.

One of the unique and very successful features of the new PoolDawg site is the shopping cart, real-time, shipping estimator. Providing a shipping estimate early in the check out stage allows for total price transparency to the shopper and conversion rate optimization to PoolDawg. PoolDawg.com offers one stop shopping for all your billiard needs.

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Visit The Site: Pooldawg
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House of Travel blog

November 1st, 2006

House of Travel screenshotHouse of Travel is New Zealand’s largest independent chain of travel agents. Fully 20% of total sales are transacted online, so their website is a very important part of their business.

It was our vision that social media, blogging in particular, could play a pivotal role in House of Travel’s online marketing strategy. Happily, our enthusiasm for blogging for marketing was contagious and House of Travel enlisted Netconcepts’ help in their blog strategy and implementation.

The House of Travel blog provides insight on travel destinations through the sharing of personal experiences from House of Travel travel agents and associated staff. The blog is both entertaining and educational for would-be travellers. Most entries include photos. The blog has multiple authors, and is organized by staffers’ journeys, by destination, as well as by date. Multiple RSS feeds are available.

Charles Coxhead, Online Marketing Manager at House of Travel, states that the blog “started out very much as an experiment but quickly proved itself and we now consider it an integral part of our content and ecommerce strategy.”

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Visit the site: House Of Travel Blog
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LePoidevin Rickinger Group

October 31st, 2006

LePoidevin Rickinger Group screenshotThe LePoidevin Rickinger Group is a full-service strategic marketing, advertising and public relations agency serving the business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketer. Our clients are leaders in the animal health, pet, mining, electric power distribution, agriculture, pest control, cleaning & sanitation, and flexible packaging industries. We offer senior-level account service and creative talent, and focus our efforts and services on solving marketing and communications challenges for our clients through sound strategic counsel and award-winning creative.

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Visit the site: LePoidevin Rickinger Group

Emergency Medical Products

October 2nd, 2006

BuyEMP screenshotEmergency Medical Products Inc. sells emergency medical supplies and equipment to fire fighters and EMS professionals. In other words, each sale isn’t just money in their virtual cash register; it’s as if somebody’s life depends on it!

This online catalog site is powered by our GravityMarket ecommerce platform which means it is search engine friendly out of the gates, with an intuitive feature rich website for customers and a powerful administrative interface for our client. Among other things, the site supports “EZ Ordering” by SKU or item number. They are also embracing the concept that “markets are conversations,” having just started a blog.

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Visit the site: Emergency Medical Products

in the dark by dev


September 25th, 2006

Realestate.co.nz screenshotrealestate.co.nz is operated by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). The site is a comprehensive meta-directory of listed properties in New Zealand and is currently the second most popular real estate site in New Zealand.

The site boasts a number of Web 2.0 features including RSS, Google Maps, microformats and AJAX. Every page, every search and every field has a corresponding RSS feed as well as email alert to which visitors can subscribe. This new site is of course search engine friendly, allowing spiders to traverse the site fully through text links. Dates and times of open homes can be saved directly to the calendar software such as Outlook, thanks to the use of microformats.

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Visit the site: RealEstate.co.nz

riku kiri


August 23rd, 2006

Derceto screenshotDerceto is a software company which has been funded by a leading New Zealand venture capital firm. It makes modelling software for water distribution. Their software helps reduce power consumption by helping the water companies save significant amounts of money off of their power bills.

Derceto.com is an information-rich corporate website with FAQs, online forums, white papers, presentations, and fact sheets.

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Visit The Site: Derceto

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