August 1st, 2006

Polycase screenshotPolycase is a manufacturer of plastic electronic enclosures for OEMs, including handhelds, desktops, and other electronics.

This ecommerce site, powered by our GravityMarket solution, makes it easy for Polycase’s customers to do business with them. In addition to searching by keyword, customers can search by size — length and width — and by series. They can also browse by product type, size range and application. In addition to ample product information and specifications, including engineering drawings, the site also offers a helpful PDF library.

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Full Compass

July 27th, 2006

Full Compass screenshotFull Compass is a supplier of audio, video and lighting equipment, and targets musicians, theatrical and staging crews.

This site boasts extensive functionality on the back-end, including some quite sophisticated integration with their own back-end systems. The site has tens of thousands of pages in Google. The revamp that we completed included a total site redesign, new user interface and a completely new website back-end and database.

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Visit The Site: Full Compass

DM News

June 1st, 2006

DM News screenshotDM News is the leading trade publication for direct, database and Internet marketers. It is both in print and online.

This total site revamp included user interface, look and feel, database, back-end programming, with SEO built in. The archives, with articles numbering over 25,000, is now completely open whereas previously it was restricted. Deep links to old articles have been maintained through 301 redirects.

The new site boasts a number of Web 2.0 features, including comments, trackbacks and RSS feeds. There isn’t just one main RSS feed, but every category has an RSS feed. A blog, also developed by Netconcepts, offers more informal views from DM News staffers and contributors (including this glowing testimonial of Netconcepts’ efforts by DM News’ founder Adrian Countenay).

The sophisticated content management system (CMS) that powers the site was custom-built by Netconcepts and specifically tailored to magazine publishers.

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School Kids Healthcare

May 20th, 2006

School Kids Health Care screenshotSchool Kids Healthcare offers a complete line of school nurse supplies and school nurse equipment to help school nurses fulfill their mission.

The company came to Netconcepts to establish a complete ebusiness presence. The site we created for them offers more than great nursing supplies and equipment. It offers the latest school kids news and a separate nursing blog, authored by a local school nurse.

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Visit the site: School Kids Healthcare


April 4th, 2006

TrustBite screenshotTrustBite is the CEO blog of TRUSTcite founder Hannah Samuel. The blog is opinionated, insightful, informative and helpful — all the sorts of things that a good CEO blog should be — and establishes Hannah’s credibility as a thought leader, while generating PR and building inlinks. The blog is outfitted with an RSS feed, tag pages, and has been optimized for search engines.

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March 1st, 2006

TRUSTcite screenshotA totally original concept, Netconcepts worked closely with the originator to create this dynamic, interactive search engine that profiles and ranks service providers based on referral and recommendations from past users and business peers from scratch. TRUSTcite functionality includes enhanced usability options; placing and verification of feedback, ranking in search outcomes based on calculation of performance and interactive linking internally and externally.

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Visit The Site: Trustcite
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DM News blog

February 10th, 2006

DM News Blog screenshotDM News is a well-respected trade magazine for direct, online, and database marketers. Their blog provides their journalists with a place to record observations, to opine, to let their hair down and to write more informally and about more obscure topics. Not everything warrants coverage in print, but some things definitely warrant a blog mention. The DM News Blog gives readers a much better sense for the people behind DM News, who they are, and what interests them. In other words, it’s an inside view into the DM News newsroom.

Of course, as a group blog, the blogging system supports multiple authors. It includes an RSS feed. Since DM News’ staffers go to plenty of conferences and trade shows, it’s not surprising that they blog frequently about what is happening at these shows; therefore a separate subcategory is dedicated to each of the major shows that DM News attends.

DM News, welcome to the blogosphere! Glad that Netconcepts could help you get there.

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January 23rd, 2006

Design Talk screenshotHomeVisions is a brand of DMSI (Direct Marketing Services Inc.). If you are not familiar with HomeVisions, you might be familiar with some of DMSI’s other brands, including Montgomery Wards.

DesignTalk is a retail blog that strives to educate and add value on the topic of interior design and home decor. The blog is chock full of creative ideas and tips for home decorating organized in many ways, including by room and by application. The blog encourages you to ask a question which could be answered as a blog post, as well as posting a comment. The blog includes a newsletter and, of course, an RSS feed.

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Visit The Site: DesignTalk

Tools For Less

November 21st, 2005

Tools For Less screenshotTools For Less, as the name implies, sells power tools and equipment at discount prices through their online catalog. The ecommerce site developed by Netconcepts is full-featured, with extensive functionality in the back-end administrative interface, and with a clean intuitive user experience for customers.

Among the additional out-of-the-ordinary features offered to customers is a Wish List capability which is integrated throughout the site and is as simple to use as the shopping cart itself.

The site is built search engine friendly, of course, with static looking URLs, unique keyword rich title tags, and more.

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Visit The Site: Tools For Less

Steve Spangler blog

September 3rd, 2005

Steve Spangler Science Blog screenshotOur client Steve Spangler is quite the renaissance man. In addition to being the CEO of a catalog company, he is also a toy inventor, an Emmy award winning television personality, a magician, an educator and a certified professional speaker. Just the sort of person you’d want blogging and podcasting.

The audio podcasts featured on Steve’s blog are targeted towards science teachers and include interviews with leading educators and monologues from Steve with helpful teaching tips. The video podcasts, targeted towards both teachers and parents, are some of the most amazing experiments you have ever seen. From exploding pumpkins to flying potatoes and erupting soda bottles, each episode is a hoot!

Functionality on the blog includes email subscriptions to posts and comments, buttons for readers to submit the post to Digg or del.icio.us, tag clouds and tag pages, RSS feeds, a audio podcast player built right into the blog, and more. Read the case study to learn more about this project and some of the results, including the fact that over 13% of their online sales can be attributed to Steve’s blog. The company’s products, which include science toys and experiment kits, are worked into the blog in a very soft sell way, so the blog doesn’t seem like a shill for the ecommerce shop.

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Visit The Site: Steve Spangler Science
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