Web Site Design Spotlight: Live, On-the-spot Critique of Retailers’ Sites

Internet Retailer 2008 — Chicago, IL

June 11th, 2008


A team of long time e-commerce experts will provide live reviews and makeovers for sites from the audience members. Retailers in the audience will be asked to bring search marketing, user experience, e-commerce strategy and other design questions to this session where experts will view the sites in question and provide answers to fix what ails their web sites. Audience members who volunteer their sites for critique will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card.

Lauren Freedman, President, the e-tailing group
Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts
Amy Africa, President, Eight by Eight

If Website Is Broke, Don’t Go Broke Fixing It

November 28th, 2007


Originally published in Practical eCommerce

Jeff Muendel writes in this article featured on Practical eCommerce:

Traffic down? Conversions starting to wane? It could be any number of SEO issues. Finding free online tools to hone search optimization for an ecommerce site can be tough. There are a lot of them out there, often promotional in nature, and they offer varying degrees of features and reliability. Some spit out data that is simply erroneous and applying this sort of information to website design can be useless at best and deadly, in Internet terms, of course, at worst.

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Case Study: TRUSTcite

TRUSTcite Logo

  • a showcase for Web 2.0 ‘done right’
  • site built upon web standards and accessibility
  • easy for visitors to find and compare service providers based on referrals and recommendations from business people and past clients
  • ranked search result based on peer reviews and user feedback
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Case Study: Netconcepts.com

Netconcepts Logo

  • A corporate website souped-up by Web 2.0 technologies: a blog platform for a CMS, RSS feeds, tag clouds, tag pages, comments, trackbacks, pingbacks…
  • Went from 100,000 pageviews per month to 390,000 within just a few months of relaunch.
  • A marked increase in visitor numbers as well: 28,000 to about 60,000 from about in that same timeframe.
  • indexation in Google increased from 300 pages to 4,800 pages, including 2,640 tag pages.
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LePoidevin Rickinger Group

October 31st, 2006

LePoidevin Rickinger Group screenshotThe LePoidevin Rickinger Group is a full-service strategic marketing, advertising and public relations agency serving the business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketer. Our clients are leaders in the animal health, pet, mining, electric power distribution, agriculture, pest control, cleaning & sanitation, and flexible packaging industries. We offer senior-level account service and creative talent, and focus our efforts and services on solving marketing and communications challenges for our clients through sound strategic counsel and award-winning creative.

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Visit the site: LePoidevin Rickinger Group

Emergency Medical Products

October 2nd, 2006

BuyEMP screenshotEmergency Medical Products Inc. sells emergency medical supplies and equipment to fire fighters and EMS professionals. In other words, each sale isn’t just money in their virtual cash register; it’s as if somebody’s life depends on it!

This online catalog site is powered by our GravityMarket ecommerce platform which means it is search engine friendly out of the gates, with an intuitive feature rich website for customers and a powerful administrative interface for our client. Among other things, the site supports “EZ Ordering” by SKU or item number. They are also embracing the concept that “markets are conversations,” having just started a blog.

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Visit the site: Emergency Medical Products

in the dark by dev


September 25th, 2006

Realestate.co.nz screenshotrealestate.co.nz is operated by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). The site is a comprehensive meta-directory of listed properties in New Zealand and is currently the second most popular real estate site in New Zealand.

The site boasts a number of Web 2.0 features including RSS, Google Maps, microformats and AJAX. Every page, every search and every field has a corresponding RSS feed as well as email alert to which visitors can subscribe. This new site is of course search engine friendly, allowing spiders to traverse the site fully through text links. Dates and times of open homes can be saved directly to the calendar software such as Outlook, thanks to the use of microformats.

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Visit the site: RealEstate.co.nz

riku kiri


August 23rd, 2006

Derceto screenshotDerceto is a software company which has been funded by a leading New Zealand venture capital firm. It makes modelling software for water distribution. Their software helps reduce power consumption by helping the water companies save significant amounts of money off of their power bills.

Derceto.com is an information-rich corporate website with FAQs, online forums, white papers, presentations, and fact sheets.

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Visit The Site: Derceto

buy pregnyl


August 1st, 2006

Polycase screenshotPolycase is a manufacturer of plastic electronic enclosures for OEMs, including handhelds, desktops, and other electronics.

This ecommerce site, powered by our GravityMarket solution, makes it easy for Polycase’s customers to do business with them. In addition to searching by keyword, customers can search by size — length and width — and by series. They can also browse by product type, size range and application. In addition to ample product information and specifications, including engineering drawings, the site also offers a helpful PDF library.

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Visit The Site: Polycase

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Full Compass

July 27th, 2006

Full Compass screenshotFull Compass is a supplier of audio, video and lighting equipment, and targets musicians, theatrical and staging crews.

This site boasts extensive functionality on the back-end, including some quite sophisticated integration with their own back-end systems. The site has tens of thousands of pages in Google. The revamp that we completed included a total site redesign, new user interface and a completely new website back-end and database.

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Visit The Site: Full Compass

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