Announcement: Clients Reveal their Success Secrets

As you might imagine, most organizations are reluctant to share publicly the strategies and tactics that have given them an edge over their competitors online. So it is a testament to our clients’ generosity and commitment to partnership that they have graciously granted us permission to publish this inside view of their SEO, e-marketing and web development initiatives.

Below you will find a selection of case studies from some of these valued clients.

Case Study: Northern Tool

Northern Tool logo

  • Six-figure sales in the first month
  • 14,000 product pages indexed
  • 80% of orders new to file
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Case Study: REI

REI logo

  • 200% gain from overall natural search sales
  • More than a 250% gain in “non-branded” keyword natural search sales
  • Achieved full indexing in Google
  • Measurable natural search traffic and natural search sales increase
  • Website visibility increased by 1000%.
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Case Study: logo

  • 40% increase in natural search traffic
  • Page 1 Google Rankings for their 3 most important keywords
  • Indexation has risen over 15% across Google, Yahoo, and MSN
  • More than doubled number of back-links
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Case Study: House Of Travel

House Of Travel logo

  • A 6 fold increase in website sales generated as a result of online advertising over the same period
  • A near doubling of overall return on investment in online advertising, from 6.7:1 in mid-2005 to an average of 12.2:1 in early 2006
  • On 6 April 2006, the House of Travel website was named one of New Zealand’s top websites in the NetGuide People’s choice Web Awards, with being awarded the 2006 title of “Best Travel Site”
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Case Study: logo

  • On page 1 for “website hosting” in Google within first 8 weeks
  • Hosts over 12 million members
  • Sustained high search engine rankings since early 2004
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Case Study: Carter Center

Carter Center logo

  • 2500 new pages in the index
  • Blog strategy gains inbound links
  • Blogging a huge success
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