Fletcher Challenge Archives

November 1st, 2003

Fletcher Challenge Archives screenshotThe Archive seeks to preserve and provide access to records which serve as authentic evidence of the administrative, corporate, cultural and intellectual activity of the Fletcher Challenge Group of companies. This website provides easy access to a variety of archival information (including both images and documents) which can then be requested from the Trust. This search engine optimal site features a powerful site search and a content management system that helps the Trust minimize site maintenance costs.

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Fletcher Trust Art Collection

November 1st, 2003

Fletcher Trust Art Collection screenshotThe Fletcher Trust Art Collection is recognised as New Zealand’s premier corporate art collection. This search optimised website creates a gateway to view this extensive collection, presenting the art in the collection in a Web optimal way. Offering information on exhibitions, the ceramics collection, history and contact details, the website is managed through a user-friendly administration and content management system.

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Fletcher Trust

November 1st, 2003

Fletcher Trust screenshotThe Fletcher Trust is an independent trust fund established for charitable purposes within New Zealand. This website profiles the activities of the Trust and offers people information on contating the trust and applying for help from the trust. This search engine optimal site is information rich and user-friendly providing an easy way to learn about what the trust does. A custom administrative backend equips the trust to manage their site and keep it fresh.

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November 1st, 2003

Ecowool screenshotThe previously existing site for ecowool was very well search engine optimized; our priority was to improve presentation, useability and ease of purchase. Our target result – to dramatically increase traffic and sales. A significant part of the budget was allocated for post-completion optimization and marketing.

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Steve Spangler Science

June 1st, 2003

Steve Spangler Science screenshotEcommerce site with an integrated experiment database, all updated and maintained through the client admin.

Steve Spangler has made great use of audio clips to explain some of his amazing products.

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Visit The Site: Steve Spangler Science
For Further Reading: Testimonial, Case Study and Steve Spangler Blog

Business Mentor Programme

March 1st, 2003

Business Mentor Programme screenshotThe Business Mentor Programme is a non-profit organization that provides a mentoring service to New Zealand businesses. Mentors log in to complete reports and match mentors with new applications

An online administration system was custom designed to streamline all business processes.

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Visit The Site: Business Mentor Programme

Cabela’s Corporate Outfitter

November 1st, 2002

Cabelas Corporate Outfitter screenshotThis is a subsite of Cabelas.com. Netconcepts was commisioned to create a site that was both useable and search engine friendly. With a database of thousands of products, the h1, page title and meta tags are generated dynamically.This helps significantly with increasing visibility and page rank in search engines like google. A database driven website traditionally has long urls with stop characters like “?” which prevent the site from being spidered. A simple naming system for each product page has avoided this enabling the entire site to be spidered with short urls also being friendly to bookmarking.

Netconcepts also provides the branded subsites of Corporate outfitters like Stihl Corporate Outfitters and www.dunns.com.

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Visit The Site: Cabela’s Corporate Outfitter


November 1st, 2002

New Zealand Tourist screenshotA microsite of MyTravelAgency.com. Serves the general public and companies with planning and implementation of business and leisure travel arrangements in New Zealand.

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Visit The Site: New Zealand Tourist


November 1st, 2002

Gortons screenshotGorton’s is the largest frozen fish brand in the United States. Netconcepts developed a personalized website to promote the Gorton’s range of frozen seafood products. Gortons.com features personalized content — fish recipe and fresh seafood recipe recommendations, product suggestions, special offers tailored to your interests, and more. Visitor profiling allows Gorton’s to view and analyze consumer demographics, psychographics, and clickographics (browsing behavior). The website is dynamic, user-friendly and a positive branding tool for their products.

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Visit The Site: Gortons

Working In New Zealand

October 1st, 2002

Working In New Zealand screenshotA one-stop shop for new migrants to New Zealand who are looking for employment. Includes an online resume builder, employer profiles, news, articles, and more.

The priorities before building the site and sister sites Working In Australia and WorkingIn.com were to ensure a high visibility in search engines, intuitive navigation and useability, fast download time and enhancing and streamlining the design; and all leading to a higher response rate for companies looking for new employees. An Employers Response Area allows companies listed to access employee applications and respond accordingly.

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Visit The Site: Working In New Zealand