Orbital RPM

February 7th, 2008

Orbital RPM screenshotOrbital RPM is a consulting firm merging the strategic oversight of a Chief Learning Officer [CLO] with the most progressive methodologies of learning and development. A workforce that has evolved from an industrial society to a knowledge society requires learning and development that has undergone the same transformation. Traditional training was suitable for the way businesses operated several decades ago. Orbital RPM brings the revolution in learning and development needed by todayĆ¢??s workforce.

Orbital RPM sought a website on the leading edge of functionality to match our progressive services. Our goal is to become the information destination for learning and development professionals and our new site is a major asset in that pursuit by including a tag cloud, videos, podcasts, a calendar of events and behind the scenes content management for easy maintenance.


November 29th, 2006

PoolDawg screenshotPoolDawg offers one of the largest selections of billiards and gameroom products on the web. PoolDawg is also the ultimate resource for your home gameroom, carrying pool table repair kits and furnishings certain to improve any gameroom. After a Pooldawg.com website audit, this ecommerce site was redesigned and built by Netconcepts to ensure full SEO site structure could be achieved.

Among the extraordinary site features offered to customers are testimonials, buying guides, billiard basics, RSS for featured products, detailed product specifications, and more.

One of the unique and very successful features of the new PoolDawg site is the shopping cart, real-time, shipping estimator. Providing a shipping estimate early in the check out stage allows for total price transparency to the shopper and conversion rate optimization to PoolDawg. PoolDawg.com offers one stop shopping for all your billiard needs.

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Visit The Site: Pooldawg
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Emergency Medical Products

October 2nd, 2006

BuyEMP screenshotEmergency Medical Products Inc. sells emergency medical supplies and equipment to fire fighters and EMS professionals. In other words, each sale isn’t just money in their virtual cash register; it’s as if somebody’s life depends on it!

This online catalog site is powered by our GravityMarket ecommerce platform which means it is search engine friendly out of the gates, with an intuitive feature rich website for customers and a powerful administrative interface for our client. Among other things, the site supports “EZ Ordering” by SKU or item number. They are also embracing the concept that “markets are conversations,” having just started a blog.

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Visit the site: Emergency Medical Products

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August 1st, 2006

Polycase screenshotPolycase is a manufacturer of plastic electronic enclosures for OEMs, including handhelds, desktops, and other electronics.

This ecommerce site, powered by our GravityMarket solution, makes it easy for Polycase’s customers to do business with them. In addition to searching by keyword, customers can search by size — length and width — and by series. They can also browse by product type, size range and application. In addition to ample product information and specifications, including engineering drawings, the site also offers a helpful PDF library.

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Visit The Site: Polycase

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School Kids Healthcare

May 20th, 2006

School Kids Health Care screenshotSchool Kids Healthcare offers a complete line of school nurse supplies and school nurse equipment to help school nurses fulfill their mission.

The company came to Netconcepts to establish a complete ebusiness presence. The site we created for them offers more than great nursing supplies and equipment. It offers the latest school kids news and a separate nursing blog, authored by a local school nurse.

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Visit the site: School Kids Healthcare

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March 1st, 2006

TRUSTcite screenshotA totally original concept, Netconcepts worked closely with the originator to create this dynamic, interactive search engine that profiles and ranks service providers based on referral and recommendations from past users and business peers from scratch. TRUSTcite functionality includes enhanced usability options; placing and verification of feedback, ranking in search outcomes based on calculation of performance and interactive linking internally and externally.

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Visit The Site: Trustcite
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Tools For Less

November 21st, 2005

Tools For Less screenshotTools For Less, as the name implies, sells power tools and equipment at discount prices through their online catalog. The ecommerce site developed by Netconcepts is full-featured, with extensive functionality in the back-end administrative interface, and with a clean intuitive user experience for customers.

Among the additional out-of-the-ordinary features offered to customers is a Wish List capability which is integrated throughout the site and is as simple to use as the shopping cart itself.

The site is built search engine friendly, of course, with static looking URLs, unique keyword rich title tags, and more.

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Visit The Site: Tools For Less


March 2nd, 2005

AntiqueHardware.com screenshotThis ecommerce site offers a range of items from cabinet hardware to telephone booths and from rubber duckies to magnificent clawfoot bathtubs. AntiqueHardware.com offers original restored antiques as well as flawless replica pieces perfect for any home or office. Visitors are greeted with their own account pages and an easily navigated shopping cart experience.

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Visit The Site: Antique Hardware

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March 1st, 2005

LEM Cellguard screenshotA LEM USA site, Lemcellguard.com promotes LEM’s battery monitoring technology in a search engine friendly and easily navigated site. Information rich, this site was built to serve LEM’s customers with extensive insight into LEM battery monitoring sensors. Content that would then transalte into search engine visibility because search engine optimal linking and code.

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Visit The Site: LEMcellguard.com


Wisconsin Metal Tech

December 1st, 2004

Wisconsin Metal Tech screenshotWisconsin Metal Tech needed a new website that offered easy access to an extensive range of industrial metal products in an appealing and search engine optimal site. Netconcepts incorporated content from the existing three sites into one redesigned site, developing a coherent site structure that organized the content logically. This content was then represented within an appealing look and feel which reflected Wisconsin Metal Tech’s new corporate colors. Search engines and customers alike now have easy access to the steel product they are looking for.

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Visit The Site: Wisconsin Metal Tech

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