Web Marketing

One-To-One Internet Marketing: An Online Demonstration

Loyalty Programs that Work Conference — New York City, NY

February 6th, 1997

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World Wide Web marketing is about one-to-one marketing of value-added services and information to the Internet user. The Internet gives companies a unique opportunity to relate to customers and potential customers on a new level, catering to their needs and wants on an individual basis. This strategy of “mass customization” not only saves the customer time and money by making their visit more efficient and productive, but also provides valuable customer profile and market research data. This half-day workshop will give you a better understanding of one-to-one marketing on the Internet, preparing you to more fully participate in the marketplace.

This workshop is specifically designed for non-technical marketing professionals. Using a LIVE Internet connection so you can see what the buzz is all about, an expert in Internet marketing and technology will explain what it all means!

Basic concepts, terms, practices, and directions will be clearly defined
and demonstrated. These incude:

  • Value-added marketing (content beyond products)
  • Personalization (web pages tailored to the individual user)
  • Ergonomic web site design (page layout; form vs. function)
  • Engaging the user through interactivity
  • Ties to corporate systems (interfacing customer, product, and/or HR
    databases to the web)
  • Java, VRML, Shockwave, and other enabling technologies
  • Promotion strategies (listing with search engines, subject indices like
    Yahoo, industry-specific sites, etc.; reciprocal links, advertising)

Several noteworthy web sites will be closely examined, as we analyze in detail the characteristics of their success. I’ll illustrate exactly how these web sites are:

  • Increasing sales
  • Cutting costs
  • Generating advertising and subscription revenue
  • Obtaining market research information
  • Generating traffic and motivating repeat visitors
  • Winning awards and gaining recognition
  • Outshining their competition

Business Opportunities of Web-Based Educational Publishing

How To Market Educational Programs on the Internet (IQPC) — Chicago, IL

September 29th, 1995

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Colleges and universities are now discovering the many benefits of educational publishing on the Internet. But is the transition worth the effort? And how are publishers responding to these opportunities? This workshop will lead participants to answer these questions and teach you how to target your readers.

Participants in this workshop will learn the details of:

  • Intellectual property issues:
    • Identifying and protecting copyrights & trademarks
    • Registration procedures for copyrights & trademarks
  • Security implications:
    • Sending information only to approved Internet users
    • Keeping cybervandals and cyberthieves out of your

    • When, what, and how to charge for program usage:
      • Demos, trial licenses
      • Registration procedures
      • Billing procedures (fixed monthly charges vs. usage-based

      • What to charge for and what to provide free of

      • Foreign currency
      • Secure payment options (FirstVirtual, DigiCash,
        credit cards, etc.)
    • Reaching diverse markets on the Net
      • Minorities
      • Non-English speaking students