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Netconcepts Helps Sites Stand Out

October 13th, 2005

Originally published in Wisconsin State Journal

“On the Internet, a Web site without visitors is akin to the proverbial tree that falls without anyone to hear it.” In this profile piece by the Wisconsin State Journal, reporter Jason Stein investigates how web agency Netconcepts uses search engine optimization to supercharge the websites of online retailers. Stein talks with Steve Spangler, CEO of Steve Spangler Science and Gene A. Wright, Netconcepts’ VP of Sales and Marketing, on the success of SEO and the latest techniques used to get search engines’ attention.

Blogs Go Corporate

October 10th, 2005

Originally published in The Dominion Post (Wellington)

“When done well, a blog can help establish a reputation for thought leadership and provides a human face for your customers,” said Netconcepts president Stephan Spencer in an interview with the Dominion Post. “People like doing business with people, not companies.”

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Searching for Customers Searching for You

October 7th, 2005


Originally published in Multichannel Merchant

Ann Meyer, author for Multichannel Merchant, discusses the power of natural search over paid search listings. This article goes on to mention the importance of proper keyword usage and the need for scaleable optimization techniques.

Included in this article are quotes from Netconcepts’ VP of Client Services, Jody Hartwig. Jody shares her views on natural search and the best practices needed to succeed in todayĆ¢??s market.

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Blog on

September 1st, 2005


Originally published in Unlimited Magizine

Russell Brown, Auckland author for Unlimited, conveys the message of marketing change. (as foretold in The Cluetrain Manifesto) Today’s consumers do not have the same shopping trends as they did 5 years ago. If companies want to compete and capture a piece of the market share, they need to seriously focus on the consumer’s needs and wants.

Blogging is a vital part of the marketing mix needed to accomplish this.

Brown references how modern day marketers are making the Web a better place. One of these marketers is Netconcepts, Founder and President, Stephan Spencer.

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Businesses move into blogosphere

May 27th, 2005

Originally published in New Zealand Herald

As corporates catch on to blogging as a marketing tool, Netconcepts’ President Stephan Spencer has helped many companies set up a business blog. He says the best blogs are those that develop a loyal following, which is all about being real.

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REI boosts sales via keywords

May 25th, 2005

Originally published in DM News

Outdoor equipment and clothing company REI used SEO to boost its sales after seeing its competitors achieve consistently higher rankings in the search engines than they were.

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Live from ACC: Power Forum Packs a Punch

May 23rd, 2005


Originally published in Multichannel Merchant

This week at the annual ACCM conference in Orlando, FL, attendees gained a marketers share of Web insight at the Annual Catalog Conference’s power forum and brunch. Moderated by Sherry Chiger, editorial director, Multichannel Merchant, panelists Stephan Spencer, founder and president of Netconcepts, Ken Burke, president/CEO of Market Live, and Amy Africa, president of Creative Results shared their wealth of search engine expertise.

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Will Blogs Become the Ultimate Marketing Tool?

March 3rd, 2005

Originally published in MediaPost

The once neutral territory of the blogosphere is enticing corporates who have awoken to the fact that business blogging entails relatively low startup costs. It’s potential for ROI hasn’t been ignored either.

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Search Engine Strategies Experts on Web Feeds, Blogs & Search

March 1st, 2005

Originally published in SearchViews

In a panel presentation to SES New York, Stephan Spencer encourages companies to offer complimentary RSS feeds. “Give them away” he says, and make it easy for your readers to subscribe. Store promotions, clearance specials, upcoming events, and new arrivals all offer great content for your readers.

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Verizon’s signs up Netconcepts

December 23rd, 2004

Originally published in Scoop

US telecommunications giant Verizon already has 5 million pages in Google and 7 million pages in Yahoo! but Netconcepts President Stephan Spencer says there is room for improvement. It is all about making sure every page is indexed by the search engines as his company devotes six team members to the job.

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