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Seeking Search Engine Optimization

January 1st, 2003

Originally published in Catalog Age

An analysis by Netconcepts of 99 websites on the Catalog Age 100 revealed search engine optimization wasn’t a top priority for marketers. 24% were using frames which can be difficult for search engines to spider, 74% have home pages made up predominantly of graphics, 14% use pop-up boxes, and 6% practice keyword stuffing, a tactic that can get you banned by the search engines; catalogers have a lot to learn about SEO.

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Search engines not important to marketers shows research

May 16th, 2002

Originally published in New Zealand Herald

It may tempting to let search engine optimization slide to the bottom of the priority list but Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts says marketers need to be aware that an increasing number of customers rely on search engines to access information for them.

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How to survive web host failure

January 15th, 2002

Originally published in New Zealand Herald

Having just spent US$250,000 on an e-commerce system, the cosmetics company heard the news. Three weeks after their site going live, they would lose everything because the ASP was using leased hardware. These mistakes can be avoided if companies follow some basic principles says Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts.

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Where to Begin Fixing Your Site

November 9th, 2001

by Alexis Gutzman

Alexis D Gutzman, author of “The Online Marketing Report”, used her website as a test case for a free online assessment tool and got some valuable information in return.

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The Best Way To… …Plan a Vacation

November 27th, 2000

Originally published in Wall Street Journal

The Dirty Dozen

September 1st, 1999

Originally published in CIO WebBusiness

It was more than the slippery chicken and limp asparagus that produced a bad case of heartburn for a group of company site managers, web developers and consultants over the conference lunch. They all related their pet peeves about company websites to Scott Kirsner for CIO, include this one from Netconcepts’ President Stephan Spencer.

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Birds Eye Brings a Little Wow! to the Internet

July 7th, 1999

Originally published in URLWire

Meal planners, a recipe box and shopping lists, entertainment for young visitors, as well as nutritional news and product information, the new Birds Eye website – designed by Netconcepts – offers visitors a personalized shopping experience.

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If You Take This Man To Be Your Husband, Click Yes

January 22nd, 1999

Originally published in URLWire

InnSite Selected as “Best Inn Directory”

January 1st, 1999


Originally published in Yahoo! Internet Life

Staying at a bed-and-breakfast is just like spending the weekend at a friend’s
house — except that you can enjoy the homemade pancakes and coffee without
feeling obligated to reciprocate by springing for lunch later. Of course, you may have to endure a bit of awkward morning chitchat with total strangers, but many consider that a small price to pay for the B&B experience.

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How a Dane County Business Set Up Shop on the Information Superhighway

December 1st, 1998

by Karen Bankston, Contributing Writer

These days, businesses use the World Wide Web as everything from storefront to customer service center, discussion forum, billboard, newsletter and employee policy manual. Equally diverse are the stories of how Dane County businesses discover the World Wide Web and get online. Here is one of those stories, chronicling how Food Concepts Inc., Middleton, established its Internet presence.

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