Email Marketing

Viral E-Mail Marketing Workshop

Internet World Essentials — San Jose, CA

April 15th, 2003

Seminar by

Learn how to start a word-of-mouth epidemic centered around your company, brand, products or services. Discover how to put together the right offer; examine who’s going to spread your message, and how to make it easy to spread your message via your Web site. In addition, learn how to use e-mail to spread your message. Success stories include Hotmail, Unleashing the Ideavirus,, Blue Mountain, and more!

Email Marketing: Rising Above the Inbox Noise

American Marketing Association webinar series — online

March 17th, 2003

Seminar by Brian Klais and Stephan Spencer

Inboxes are quickly becoming a new wasteland, filled with unsolicited, impersonal, useless, and often offensive messages. As a result, consumers have had to find new ways of coping with the suspicious deluge. Alias addresses and spam filters have become standard defense-mechanisms, while the definition of spam has evolved beyond not having permission, to not delivering relevance.

Yet many marketers continue to treat email as a “cheap” contact strategy for chest pounding and mass promotions. Rather than building trust, this impersonal carpet-bomb approach erodes hard-earned trust by branding the company as a “spammer” more interested in economies of scale than deepening relationships.

So what does it take to compete – and win – in this hostile environment? Join Stephan Spencer, founder of Netconcepts (parent company of GravityMail) for an information packed presentation.

You’ll learn:

  • Relationship strategies to access the elusive “circle of trust”
  • Essential techniques of effective campaigns/newsletters
  • How Web usability and direct marketing principles combine
  • Metrics for gauging success
  • How to audit campaigns against best practices
  • Case study examples. Plus some real stinkers

Who should attend:
Marketing Executives and Directors, Internet Marketing Managers, and others interested in learning the essentials of successful email marketing.

Conversion Rate Marketing

Step-by-Step Web Marketing (produced by IIR, sponsored by Google, and endorsed by the American Marketing Association) — Atlanta, GA

November 6th, 2002

Workshop by

How to Create Email Campaigns That Drive Action and Build Relationships
Learn how to develop objectives and strategies for implementing email communication campaigns that involve email newsletters and promotional emails.
Deliverable is a 2-3 month email campaign.

How to Decipher Your Web Trends to Maximize Results
Learn how to develop, track, maintain, analyze and utilize the large volumes of data available and turn that into useful information you can use to manage and optimize your business.
Deliverable is to develop historical data, current benchmarks and an understanding of what to measure, why to measure it and what it means.

Developing Strategic and Creative Methodologies For Increasing Results

Learn how to increase your conversion rate one step at a time. You goals are for prospects to make purchases, or subscribe, or register, or make referrals. Each of these goals is a “macro-action,” and you can measure its conversion rate. Every one of your macro-actions is composed of a series of smaller micro-actions.

Deliverable is to develop an efficient conversion system matching your selling process to your prospect’s buying decisions by dealing with real examples from your website.

Development Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science
Learn how to communicate effectively with web developers about what your requirements are. Did you know that of all software development projects are failures? Did you know that 80% of development costs are incurred after the initial project is delivered?
Deliverable is to take your project from concept to wireframe, to storyboard to final prototype independent of what technology your company uses by effectively creating a prototype of an application you want to have developed.

Contagious Communications

September 1st, 2002


Originally published in Unlimited

Ever wondered how late entrant Google overtook its entrenched competitors to become the most popular search engine on the planet? Or how a small upstart called Hotmail became the leader in web-based email and was then purchased by Microsoft for a cool $US400 million?

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Spam, Spam, Not Spam

June 1st, 2002


Originally published in Unlimited

Email can be your company’s secret weapon, or it can end up biting you in the backside if it’s seen as junk email or spam. It all depends on the execution. So says Debbie Mayo-Smith…

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Strategies for Customer Promotions

Business-to-Business e-Marketing — Madison, WI

June 16th, 2001

Seminar by

  • Outbound e-mail marketing
  • Testing and measuring response
  • Website considerations
  • Search engines, keywords, and "landing pages"

Surviving the Dot-Com Shakeout: Strategies to Keep Your Beauty Business Booming

Beauty Online 2001 — San Francisco, CA

March 26th, 2001

Seminar by

One of the secrets to staying viable in the fickle online beauty marketplace is to slow your burn rate through the following low-cost, high return marketing strategies and tactics:

  • Email marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Link building
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-for-performance advertising (i.e. an affiliate program)
  • Content distribution

Mining for Sales in the E-mail Minefield

September 1st, 2000


Originally published in Building Online Business

E-mail is one of the most important and effective tools in an Internet marketing campaign, but it will only work if it’s done right. And doing it right isn’t easy–e-mail marketing can yield spectacular successes, but companies must be extremely careful about how they do it.

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Evolution of Web Site Strategy

eFoodservice — Chicago, IL

July 26th, 2000

Seminar by

Let’s face it, there is no need for eBusiness unless you have created a web site strategy. And creating it right is the key. This session will give you a step-by-step guide in order to make your strategy a success! After attending this presentation, you will know how to:

  • Create a site that is easy to navigate and compelling to the customer
  • Market through direct email response
  • Acquire the proper lists of names
  • Put together a permission based email marketing plan
  • Survey users to see what’s right and what’s wrong with your site
  • Increase response rates
  • Decide what kind of manpower you need to create a full time website
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week work force vs. outsourcing

Advanced Usenet & Email Marketing

Value-Added Marketing on the Internet — San Francisco, CA

April 29th, 1997

Seminar by

An often overlooked marketing opportunity on the Internet is Usenet and email. There are over 10,000 newsgroups, each one on a distinctly different topic. In addition, there are many thousands more discussion groups conducted over email. At the most basic level, businesses need to be aware of where their company, products, services, or competitors are currently or might in the future be discussed, and how they can conduct business effectively in these discussion groups.

A company can create newsgroups, moderate them, archive them on their Web site, and write FAQs for them. Being “first to market” with such services could provide you a great deal of visibility to your target audience, and best of all, will practically “lock out” your competitors. In this non-technical, information-packed session, you will learn about:

  • Discussion groups: on email “listservs”, Usenet newsgroups, and the Web
  • Setting up a Usenet newsgroup
  • Moderated vs. unmoderated discussion groups
  • Driving traffic into your Web site with discussion group archives
  • The benefits of writing a Usenet FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Email newsletters/announcements
  • Personal Notification Services