Email Marketing

Integrated Email Marketing and Online Communications

BrightStar Training — Wellington, NZ and Auckland, NZ

March 10th and 11th (Wellington) and March 17th and 18th (Auckland)

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Is your email marketing right on target?
Do you want to improve open rates and conversion rates?
Do your customers view your email communications as spam?
Do you know how to use RSS and blogging to complement your email marketing and online communication efforts?

The value of email marketing in New Zealand has been growing steadily over the years. Not surprisingly email marketing and online communications are the most popular media of choice now, particularly email marketing.

Email is a powerful marketing tool and it integrates well with traditional media. It spurs immediate action, thus generating direct sales, registrations, growth of database and more. It is also more cost effective than paper-based direct mail and achieves greater ROI. However, it is wrought with challenges. And with the passing of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act, it’s important for organisations to ensure compliance whilst developing their marketing plans.

Integrated Email Marketing and Online Communications takes a practical approach to ensure continued acquisition, growth and retention of customers through targeted, robust, tried and tested strategies to help lift your email marketing strategies. To help you gain the upper hand over your competition, the course also covers some popular online communications tools that you could implement to supplement your email marketing strategy.

Digital Communications — Email Marketing, Online and Offline Media
Customers today have more choice available than ever before of how they are communicated with. Customers ultimately want to control the frequency, the content and how they receive their communications. This session covers how email fits within the full marketing mix and how it integrates with other online and offline media.

  • What are digital communications?
  • How do digital communications fit within the full marketing mix?
  • Marketing through email, RSS, blogging, txt, websites
  • Platforms â?? desktop computers, mobile devices
  • Integration with other online media
  • Integration with offline direct marketing

Developing an Email Strategy
Many companies spend a lot of time, effort and budget acquiring email addresses, but neglect to develop an effective communication strategy once they have them. Youâ??ll learn to develop strategic communication plans to maximise the potential for robust marketing strategies through this session.

  • Developing the digital communication strategic plan
  • Objectives, strategies and tactical elements
  • Understanding the email marketing and digital communications
  • How to integrate email marketing into other online and offline media

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act: Your Legal Obligations
Understand and ensure that your organisation meets the requirements of the Electronic Messages Act 2007.

  • Definition of spam
  • Definition of permission levels
  • Permission vs. memorable permission
  • Industry guidelines and best practices
  • How will the Act affect your marketing plans?
  • What are the penalties and costs associated with breaches?
  • How tight is the current legislation â?? what are the ways around it?
  • How to ensure compliance
  • International spam laws â?? do they apply to companies in NZ?

Data Management: Building and Maintaining a List
Data is at the heart of any form of direct marketing including “email”. It pays to identify the data that you need to collect in order to personalise communications and provide effective reporting.

  • Structuring your database â?? what type of data do you need?
  • What are the reporting data requirements?
  • “Quantity” vs. “Quality” â?? retaining the active subscriber
  • Cleaning and maintaining data â?? changes, adds, deletes, fixing misspellings
  • What is â??provable permissionâ?? â?? recording and time stamping of permission received
  • “Offline permission” â?? how to record permission granted through the call centre, trade shows, network meeting and face-to-face sales activity
  • Managing permission across an organisation

In-House or Outsource â?? Assessing Email Service Providers
Finding the right email service provider is a critical choice for any company. You will explore and learn ways to find the right vendor and technology to manage your campaigns now and into the future through this session.

  • How to assess your needs
  • Questions you should be asking
  • Assessing email service providers in NZ and overseas
  • Liaising with your email service provider

Winning Creative Strategies & Execution for Email
Create email messages that stand out, get read and get the response you plan for.

  • “Memorable permission” â?? planning content your subscribers actually want to read
  • Exploring the 19 creative elements (the from line â?? email brand value, the subject line, the preview pane, position of logo, ratio of text to images, design layout, number and type of links, navigation bar, inclusion of photography, feature offers, location of call-to-action, the words you use and personalisation etc.)
  • Email mandatories
  • What are the technical specifications?
  • Designing effective landing pages and forms
  • Use of rich media â?? video and audio
  • Eyetracking and multivariate testing

Increasing Conversion Rates
This session covers how to use data to improve conversions such as open rates, click rates, inquiries and sales.

  • Reporting data
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Event triggered campaigns

Deliverability, Filters and Rendering
Learn techniques to avoid the dreaded “spam” folder and “report spam” button.

  • Data collection and tracking
  • Filters and list management
  • Deliverability reporting codes â?? messages sent back from ISPs
  • About false positives
  • Whitelisting â?? how to get your message delivered every single time
  • Image suppression â?? whatâ??s getting delivered?
  • Authentication and reputation
  • Rendering your message in email readers

RSS â?? Spam Free Communications
Is RSS the holy grail of online communications? Lean how to send communications that are completely spam free.

  • What is RSS and why use it?
  • What are some of the popular RSS readers available?
  • iRSS â?? individualized RSS, sending personalised communications just like email
  • Content distribution and syndication

Blogging â?? Participating in the Ongoing Conversation

  • The New Zealand and international blogospheres
  • Starting a blog – how to choose a theme
  • Posting content â?? what, how, when
  • Dealing with comments
  • Making friends â?? increase your presence in the blogosphere
  • Integrating your blog with email and RSS
  • Use of video (vlogging) and audio (podcasting)
  • Reporting on performance

NZ Anti-Spam Act â?? Steps To Ensure Compliance

July 26th, 2007


The â??Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007â?? comes into effect on 5th September 07. The search and online marketing team at Netconcepts would like to arm you with information to ensure your business complies with this new law.

As an email marketer you are responsible to ensure that any â??electronic messagesâ?? sent are not considered spam. According to the act, failure to comply could mean a fine of up to $500,000 plus additional compensation and damages costs!

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Interactive Marketing

University of Wisconsin Executive Education - Integrated Customer Communications — Madison, WI

October 17th, 2006

Workshop by

Optimize your online efforts
After more than a decade of online marketing, companies are still struggling to find the best ways to use the web to promote themselves and build relationships with their customers. Our proven, practical tips will help you to get higher search engine rankings, make your e-mails filter-friendly — yet compliant! — and deliver relevant customer-focused website content.

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Don’t Design – or Redesign – Your E-Mail Without Reading This

October 2nd, 2006


Originally published in DM News

So many designers of e-mail campaigns make the fatal mistake of designing the e-mail to be viewed in its entirety. E-mail doesn’t work like that. E-mail is scrolled through and in very small windows.

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Emergency Medical Products

October 2nd, 2006

BuyEMP screenshotEmergency Medical Products Inc. sells emergency medical supplies and equipment to fire fighters and EMS professionals. In other words, each sale isn’t just money in their virtual cash register; it’s as if somebody’s life depends on it!

This online catalog site is powered by our GravityMarket ecommerce platform which means it is search engine friendly out of the gates, with an intuitive feature rich website for customers and a powerful administrative interface for our client. Among other things, the site supports “EZ Ordering” by SKU or item number. They are also embracing the concept that “markets are conversations,” having just started a blog.

[ database | client admin cms | SEO ]

Visit the site: Emergency Medical Products

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Success with Email Marketing Campaigns: 10 Campaigns Critiqued for Best and Worst Practices

MarketingProfs virtual seminar series — online

August 24th, 2006

Webcast by

For many of you, your email campaign lost the race even before it got out of the gate. Spam filters and email firewalls silently and unceremoniously junk your emails. Research has shown that fully one-third of permission-based emails don’t get delivered.

Even if your message gets past the filters, it doesn’t mean your email will be opened. Your recipients are brutal when it comes to slashing through the commercial messages clogging their inboxes. A split second decision will decide your email’s fate, based squarely on your From line and Subject line, and to a smaller extent, what’s visible in the Preview pane. After navigating these deliverability and openability hazards, you still have to get the recipient to comprehend and act on your message. A pretty tall order nowadays.

This virtual seminar is going to get “hands on” with reviews of actual email campaigns submitted by seminar attendees. Not all will be chosen, so give yourself the best chance of having your campaign critiqued: submit your entry early. Stephan is one of the most popularly and highly acclaimed MarketingProfs seminar leaders.

If you’ve ever wondered what you were doing wrong with your email marketing, or wondered what you could be doing better, then this is the seminar for you.

You will learn:

  • How to write messages that are opened and read
  • How to create subject lines that are the best they can be
  • Best practices for your call-to-action and value proposition
  • How to balance text and images
  • When to use Text or HTML
  • Whether your email is compliant with CAN-SPAM legislation
  • Whether your messages will get past spam filters

The 90-minute seminar will include an extended Q&A.

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When advertisers hurt your brand

June 26th, 2006


The other day when I was on I kept getting this tasteless banner ad:

Not only did I find the ad irritating and gross, I thought less of the White Pages brand after I saw it. It is an animated GIF banner, where the piece of poo actually flies across the ad from left to right and then hits the spinning fan, making the whole banner go brown. Nice.

Whoever at the White Pages approved that banner ad for publication should be fired.

I have also seen plenty of ads placed in email campaigns that hurt the brand. Here’s an ad in an newsletter that cheapened the JupiterMedia brand while simultaneously flagging the email for spam filters (the Alt tag associated with this banner ad was “Work From Home” — a terrible thing to say in an email campaign if you want your campaign delivered):

It always amazes me how email ads get approved when it’s so obvious that they are going to cause the campaign’s deliverability to tank. Like this one:

Some people think email marketing is horribly expensive. If only they knew about VerticalResponse. We give you the power to create, send, and track your email campaign, right from your web browser — for less than 1c an email! NO set-up fees, NO contracts, NO hidden charges. And it’s easy, too! See for yourself by creating your own test mailing — FREE. Get started today!

Some big no-no phrases in the above email ad, including: “no hidden charges” and “see for yourself”.

In short, your website and your email campaigns are a reflection of your brand. The advertising you accept for display on your site and in your emails is also a reflection of your brand. So think carefully before you take on an advertiser or accept a creative that isn’t “on message.”

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The significance of GData

May 12th, 2006


Gdata, short for Google Data APIs, promises to be Google’s new standard protocol for transmitting all sorts of data back and forth to Google and its various services. As Google states on Google Code: “All sorts of services can provide GData feeds, from public services like blog feeds or news syndication feeds to personalized data like email or calendar events or task-list items.” Imagine for instance, starting with a base feed, then adding query parameters like restricting to a particular category and date range and ending up with a customized feed that specifically fits your criteria. Gdata builds on the RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0 protocols.

Imagine your desktop machine — armed with your personal profile — communicating with Google (and even with the Web in general) about your email, search history, RSS subscriptions, calendar, bookmarks, blog posts, and the news… and all through the GData protocol. As Reto Meier states, “Google already has a ridiculous amount of my information. Now with an API that promises access to this information to use the way I want to, there’s one less reason to think about storing it anywhere else.” Kinda scary but also exciting at the same time. Google Operating System here we come!

Will we all be speaking GData in years to come? Will the GData protocol become as ubiqitous as the HTTP protocol? Only time will tell, but I certainly think GData is one to watch!

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Advanced Email Marketing

Professional Association of Innkeepers International 2006 annual convention — Phoenix, AZ

April 3rd, 2006

Seminar by

Every email marketer’s biggest challenge is getting their emails delivered, opened and read. Don’t worry, advanced tools and tactics like whitelisting services, domain verification, and spam scorers can help save the day!

Getting Started with Email Marketing

Professional Association of Innkeepers International 2006 annual convention — Phoenix, AZ

April 3rd, 2006

Seminar by

Don’t want to get caught in spam filters, alienate your recipients, or burn your list? Then come to this session and learn the fundamentals of successful email marketing.

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