Email Marketing

Integrating Email Marketing and SEO Into Your Marketing Mix

Auckland Chamber of Commerce e-Nabling Business — Auckland, New Zealand

October 13th, 2004

Seminar by

A workshop featuring practical tips and solutions for integrating the latest email marketing and search engine optimization technologies into your marketing mix.

Charity appreciates website advice

“Stephan Spencer has been a steadfast supporter of our work, particularly in the initial phases. He provided, through Netconcepts, our website facility gratis and was always available for consulting on matters of communication website improvement. I consider his technical knowledge is of the highest level in the field.”

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Email Marketing

WCCE Annual Winter Conference — Madison, WI

February 11th, 2004

Seminar by

  • Why market via e-mail
  • How to rise above the noise
  • Reaching today’s consumers

Case Study: Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

WMC logo

  • Better newsletter tracking
  • Maintained best practices
  • Improved communications with members
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Permission Marketing

January 1st, 2004


Building a trusting relationship with your Web site visitors starts with the common sense approach known as “permission marketing.” The idea behind permission marketing is to get the customer or prospect to volunteer to receive your email newsletters and special offers. This is also known as opt-in. These “hand-raisers” are a lot more likely to not only tolerate receiving your emails, but also to respond favorably to them.

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Don’t Let Spam Laws Kill Your E-mail Marketing: 7 Steps to Take Now to Gain Competitive Advantage

American Marketing Association webcast series — online

December 4th, 2003

Seminar by

E-mail marketing is about to undergo a massive transformation due to both new California anti-spam legislation, which takes effect January 1st, and pending Nationwide legislation. The risks of non-compliance are significant – from $1,000 per e-mail up to $1 million per incident. You need to be prepared.

What you may not realize is that these changes also offer opportunities to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Join Internet Marketing Expert Brian Klais, GravityMail’s Vice President of e-Business Services for an important and informative presentation covering:

  • A laymen’s overview of the new spam laws in both California and Nationwide
  • Important implications for marketers
  • Strategies for complying and thriving in this new legal environment

Staff speechless with delight!

Foresight Institute logo“And of course Netconcepts can’t be beat when it comes to optimizing a site for high search engine placement.

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Will California’s Spam Law Kill Your Email Marketing?

October 28th, 2003


Originally published in MarketingProfs

Spam bills are passing because constituents are pushing legislators for a resolution to their inbox deluge. They want their inboxes reserved for conversations with people they know, not solicitations from people they don’t. Email is NOT direct mail. Traditional direct mail in the online world IS spam. Read on to learn how to prepare to play the new game.

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Beware the Spam Catchers

August 1st, 2003


Originally published in Unlimited

Every day, scores of legitimate emails get blocked by email filters and corporate firewalls. In fact, market intelligence company RoperASW estimates 38% of permission-based emails are wrongly blocked by filters and firewalls. Your all-important email campaigns and newsletters, and even personal correspondence, may be getting blocked too.

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Internet Marketing workshop

Marketing Today (New Zealand DMA annual conference) — Auckland, NZ

June 16th, 2003

Workshop by

Presented by Stephan Spencer, Managing Director of Netconcepts:

  • Search engine optimization
    You want to get to the top of the search engines? Ah… but which search engines should you target? What keywords are your prospects searching for? And how do you actually get your site to the top for those keywords and then to stay there? Learn the tactics that will make your site ‘scream’ in the search engines – ethically and sustainably – without costing you a fortune ongoing.
  • Improving conversion rate
    So you’ve got visitors to your site, but will they purchase? Improving conversion on your site is an art and a science that involves a mix of clever copywriting, compelling offers, a follow-up strategy, meaningful metrics for measuring success, and more.
  • Email marketing
    Email can get you in front of your customers and prospects without relying on them to remember to come back and visit your site. But pitfalls abound. Get it wrong just once and you’ll significantly trim your list and burn your relationships. Learn what it takes to make great campaigns and newsletters, get the permission you need from your intended audience, and then test your assumptions scientifically.
  • Working with your web developer
    What are the ingredients for sucess when launching a redesign or a new site? What processes are helpful in keeping the project and the vendor on track? What are reasonable expectations of the client and the vendor? What goes into (and what doesn’t go into) an effective brief or specification? How do you manage the legal risk?

Presented by Kelly Goto, Principal, gotomedia, Inc.:

  • Usability
  • Information design
  • Workflow
  • Metrics for ROI from a user experience perspective