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August 11th, 2006



How to size and capture the unbranded keyword                

does the average retailer’s long tail look?
How do I grow my
unbranded keyword traffic?
How many people search for those unbranded
How Does natural search influence search term patterns? What is
The size of the long tail?
How much keyword traffic can one page yield?
How does the “Long Tail” of search terms compare to branded search traffic?
How can I optimize thousands of pages a day? Do traditional SEO stategies still
? What does the average company’s Long Tail look like? What is it worth
Why is My search traffic mostly for my own Company terms?

For every brand search, there are 40 non-brand searches…

Is your ‘long tail’ hiding from you?

According to new research by Netconcepts, your retail website may be missing the single largest opportunity that natural search has to offer — the long tail of unbranded keyword searches.

  Discover how large your long tail sales opportunity really is — and     
how much you may be missing                                                           

  Learn how multichannel merchants are leveraging their brands        
into unbranded “long tail” keyword markets                                       

  Uncover the secrets of Page Yield Theory — and its power to               
exponentially grow your E-commerce sales                                        

Download this new thought-provoking research paper now, and begin to capture the long tail of unbranded search.


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