Ecommerce Site Development

Is Your Shopping Cart A True Ecommerce Solution?

You need an ecommerce solution and shopping cart that makes finding and buying your products online easy for your customers.

Netconcepts’ gravityMarket offers the features you need to sell more online:

We equip you to meet, get to know, and talk and sell to your customers online.
Visit our demostore
for the GravityMarket shopping cart experience or read on to find out what an ecommerce solution should do for you…

Helping You Establish and Build Relationships
with your Customers:

GravityMarket makes it easy for your customers to share information with you. And that helps you create a compelling and satisfying customer experience.

Netconcepts helps you develop personalized shopping experiences that put the information your customers need within easy reach:

  • personalized welcome messages and content
  • user-friendly login/out with password reminder
  • account information editing (available whether making a purchase or not)
  • purchase history reporting
  • tax and shipping & handling cost calculation
  • auto-fill-in of order forms for existing customers
  • separation of delivery and billing addresses
  • up to five delivery addresses per account.

Gift Certificates, E-Mail Notifications and Newsletters:

Extend your customer experience beyond your site with:

  • gift certificates for your customers and their friends
  • email notifications and transaction confirmations
  • “Tell a Friend” functionality that lets your satisfied customers spread the word about your site and your products
  • email newsletters to keep your customers informed about new products and discounted items.

Creating Customized Shopping Experiences:

Netconcepts ecommerce solutions are customised to suit your customers’ needs and expectations.

We develop browsing options around your product range and categories to maximize customer convenience and recognition. Your customers will be able to review products in a moderated way that lets you gather feedback and enhance product related content.

Search functions let your customers find exactly what they are looking for fast.

Our engines feature:

  • full text search of entire site
  • detailed search specification
  • spell-checking
  • Google-like, “did you mean?” similar items suggestions.


Highlight products daily or with every page refresh with rotating featured products. And maximize exposure to selected items with a specials page accessible from anywhere in your online store.

Got a merchandising idea? Talk to us about custom functionality.

Secure Shopping Cart Functionality:

Netconcepts’ ecommerce shopping cart solution allows your customers to:

  • add and remove products
  • view cart contents
  • save cart contents for purchase on a return visit

All shopping cart transactions are secured with Secure Socket layer (SSL)encryption of all transmitted data.

Real-time Credit Card processing is available through merchant accounts

or AuthorizeNet with others available on request.

See GravityMarket in Action:

Visit our demostore for a GravityMarket shopping experience or see how our clients have put GravityMarket to work for them… Van Dykes Restorers,
Designer Exposure, or CP Foods.

Visit our Shopping Cart demonstration website, GravityMarket

Comprehensive Administration Interface:

Our ecommerce solution package also includes a comprehensive, web-based administration interface. This administrative interface allows you and your staff to maintain your own content and minimize ongoing maintenance costs.

We give you the functionality and information you need for successful ecommerce:

  • update content and add, modify and remove specials, “hot” items etc. and product reviews
  • add, modify and remove categories, indexes, subcategories, manufacturers, products and customers
  • manage access control lists, which govern who has read and write access to all admin. pages
  • send bulk email with a completely integrated email marketing tool (handles: outbound & inbound emails, bounces & unsubscribes, and text & HTML email)
  • enjoy specialised site usage reports (product views, product purchases, total purchases)

Search Engine Optimization:

All Netconcepts e-commerce sites are designed with search engine optimization in mind. We do not use variables in the URL, and we do not include the & and ? characters, which stop search engines from crawling entire E-Commerce sites. This gives your site a much greater chance of ranking highly in search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

(Find out more about our search engine optimization services.)

Client Extranet and Admin - Netconcepts working demonstration site.
See the Netconcepts Customer Extranet Demo.

Client Extranet:

Your Netconcepts ecommerce shopping cart solution, gravityMarket, website comes with ongoing support from us accessible via your personal extranet:

  • makes it easy to contact us, whenever you need our help
  • provides a record of the communication between Netconcepts and you
  • and gives you access to all relevant reporting and site statistics.

All this and the Advantages of Open Sources Solutions:

Netconcepts believes you should never be “held hostage” by a vendor who withholds source code, as proprietary information. GravityMarket offers you all the advantages of open source solutions. (See You will be given the complete source code for the solution (a backup of the website delivered on CD), along with a copy of the GPL License Agreement. This means: no problems accessing or modifying your site’s source code and maximum flexibility. It also means you get a tested and robust ecommerce solution.

We want you to continue to work with Netconcepts because you value the quality of our work. Not because changing vendors would be too costly, requiring complete rebuilding of your site. Owning the source code puts you in charge of your ecommerce shopping cart.

Talk to us about increasing returns on your e-business investment with a gravityMarket ecommerce shopping cart solution.