A Natural Disposition for Search

July 31st, 2008


Originally published in ClickZ

Is the use of rich media and new web technologies such as AJAX hiding your retail website from search engine spiders? Has your company shifted efforts away from natural search optimization to opt for the coolest, new applications to enhance the user experience? In this article for ClickZ, P.J. Fusco, director of natural search for Netconcepts discusses the importance of maintaining a natural search marketing strategy.

With rich media in plan, dynamic Web site constructs in motion, and competing forces all around, putting together a natural search strategy has many complex components. Just as a wetland must work in harmony with the environment to produce desired results, so too must an online organization provide resources for understanding natural search, lest the spiders get bogged down by the muck.

For more about this topic, visit the full article on ClickZ.

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