WordPress Quiz Plugin

May 30th, 2008

If you want to subject your visitors to quizzes or personality tests, then this WordPress plugin is what you’ve been looking for! WordPress Quiz Plugin is a platform for any kind of quiz. The plugin currently comes with only quiz type: the personality quiz, but if you have other quiz needs it’s easily adapted. In fact, if you’d like to contribute other quiz types, we’ll add them to the distribution.

Features include:

  • Embed quizzes into your posts or pages

And best of all, the plugin is FREE!

Suitably convinced? Then Download the plugin!

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Quiz Admin

Installation instructions

  1. (If upgrading from a prior version of the WordPress Quiz Plugin, be sure to deactivate the old version beforehand.)
  2. Upload the wordpress-quiz-plugin directory and the files within it to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin.


  • Include more quiz types
  • Tracking of results
  • Additional types of code snippits


Got a bug to report? Or an enhancement to recommend? Or perhaps even some code to submit for inclusion in the next release? Great! Share your feedback in the comments below.


  1. Evan says:

    Looks good! Can you give the url of a site using the quiz?

  2. MIck says:

    Really looks great, but I have a question. Is there any other support for this plugin? I can see how you add personalities and questions, but how do you assign a score to each answer, and in turn generate the appropriate answer for their score?

  3. Andrew Shell says:

    Quiz Fanatic (http://www.quizfanatic.com/) is currently using this plugin.

  4. ellora says:

    Is it possible to display the correct answers? I plan to use it for an exam site.

  5. Andrew Shell says:

    Right now the only quiz that comes with the plugin is a personality quiz. There are no correct or incorrect answers. They just show you which personality type you matched the most number of answers with.

  6. farah says:

    Realy great but i have a question : Do you have a technical suport ?

  7. Pramod Birangane says:

    I have installed this Quiz but I am not able to use it. Give exact usage instruction ..

  8. Hello, I am Brazilian and not write the English right..sorry!
    Where do I find other types of questions for this quiz?
    This is personality type.
    I needed a quiz with calculation of percentage. =/
    Someone know where I find?

  9. Netconcepts says:

    Right now the only type available is the personality type. Ideally there will be more added in the future.

  10. Great tool, but I’m finding that my answer options are not lined up, with empty choices (I only have three answer choices per question) before and/or after the real ones. No particular pattern. Any suggestions?

  11. Fabio says:

    It looks good but how do you set the correct answers? is there any instruction? Thanks anyway.

  12. Joelle says:

    This quiz is exactly what I need except it requires that you have as many multiple choice answers as there are possible results.

    Is there a way to eliminate empty fields?

  13. Netconcepts says:

    Right now there isn’t a way of doing that. However that’s a good idea and I’ll put it into the next version of the plugin.

  14. Keron Calame says:

    I am planning a giveaway for my blog and want this quiz plugin but i need to see a demo before i download it

  15. phil green says:

    I want to weight the answers so some questions count much more than others. Is there a way to do this?

  16. lisl says:

    hi, i’d love to use this plugin, it’s great – thanks! – but i don’t want the html “share this quiz” bit to appear at the end, could you tell me where to remove it in the plugin files?


  17. by lisl — July 21, 2009 @ 2:07 pm