Three Reasons Not to Read This SEO Column

August 29th, 2007


Originally published in ClickZ

PJ Fusco, Lead Strategist for GravityStream, blends her traveling experiences with SEO “best practices.”

“I’ve been on the road the past couple weeks, looking for my luggage in North Carolina, doing carry-on only for two days in Texas, and estimating the odds of getting the same crabby cab driver for two consecutive days in San Francisco.

These are my three reasons why you shouldn’t bother to read this column. Unless, of course, you’re curious about how I’m going to bind each of these ridiculous-to-sublime events into a little SEO (define) insight and advice.”

For more about SEO good habits that can be gleaned from real life relationships, cab drivers, and luggage checks, read PJ Fusco’s ClickZ article available here.