The rulebook for SEOs wanting to do business with big companies

June 9th, 2006


Just read this awesome post from Chris Smith of Verizon Directories (, where he lays out his criteria for selecting an SEO firm to work with. In summary (I’m paraphrasing here), the SEO agency…:

  • should have longevity and track record of at least somewhat related work
  • should not have promoted itself using unrealistic promises and representations
  • should have a clean record (no black-hat methods)
  • should not have tried to impress with a cursory 5-minute site assessment leading to naive recommendations
  • should not have insulted our technical work
  • should not have made claims of secret methods/knowledge
  • should have priced their services reasonably
  • should have posted information on their website about the companies/sites they’ve done work for
  • should have demonstrated strong technical work on their own site as well as clients’ sites
  • should have good people and make that evident on their company site
  • should have projected a professional demeanor
  • shouldn’t have pestered or been hard-selling
  • should be flexible in legal contract negotiations, once selected

Good stuff! Read Chris’ full article: “How major companies choose SEOs”.

(Disclaimer: yes, Verizon is a client of ours, and no we don’t wear sandals to business meetings.)