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Picture This, Part 2: For Pix and Clicks Go SMO

September 26th, 2007


Originally published in ClickZ

In Picture This, Part 1, PJ Fusco, Lead Strategist for Netconcepts, discusses the importance of image optimization on websites and blogs. For the conclusion of image optimization, Fusco covers the importance of social media optimization (SMO), and weighs the benefits of several photo-sharing sites.

Not all photo-sharing sites are perfect when it comes to social media optimization (SMO). A quick comparison of some particularly popular photo-sharing sites shows that one stands out for its inherently search-engine-friendly design.

Read the conclusion of Picture This here, and learn how you can use and optimize images through Flickr, an SEO-friendly photo-sharing site.

SEO in the World of Web 2.0

July 1st, 2007


Originally published in Catalog Success

Wouldnâ??t it be great if all the whiz-bang Web 2.0 interactive elements like Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), widgets, Flash, RSS feeds, podcasts, video blogs and so forth were all search engine optimized?

Unfortunately, thatâ??s not the case. In fact, many of these technologies are inherently unfriendly to search engine spiders. So, if you intend to harness Web 2.0 technologies for increased conversion, improved usability and greater customer engagement, youâ??d better read on or youâ??ll end up missing the boat when it comes to better search engine rankings.

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Jeff Muendel shares MySpace marketing tips

April 16th, 2007

In this interview, Stephan Spencer sits down with Netconcepts’ analyst Jeff Muendel, to talk about MySpace marketing tips. Learn how to utilize this social media tool to market your business, expose your brand, and make friends!

Interview with Neil Patel, Social Media Optimizer

February 7th, 2007


The phrase “social media optimization” is relatively new to search. SMO is defined as: the new art of wielding tools, strategies, and influence for the purpose of gaining visibility on social media networks and websites like,, reddit, NewsVine,, MySpace and even Wikipedia.

Neil Patel a leading practitioner of social media optimization, a top influencer at and an eloquent speaker. In this 15 minute interview, Stephan Spencer, President and Founder of Netconcepts, sits down with Neil to talk about the most important social media sites. You’ll learn how to get there, how to determine potential risks, and what the benefits are to engaging in SMO.

Marketing Transparency

January 2nd, 2007


Originally published in WebProNews

Mike McDonald of WebProNews interviewed our very own Stephan Spencer at SES in Chicago last month, in December 06. This 10 minute interview with Stephan and Lee Odden from TopRank discusses the credibility of Web 2.0 marketing tactics in the eyes of consumers.

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