Sticky blogs work best

April 21st, 2006


Stickiness is a primary goal for most websites. A site that is sticky gets people coming back again and again, and staying longer too.

It is easier to build a relationship and engage your reader if your site is sticky. My blog’s reasonably sticky because the author is so good and has such insightful things to say. 😉

But seriously though, there are things you can do to engage your readers in some of the dialog. For instance, you can form a community where they are all talking to each other — most blogs are really abysmal at that. Even my blog really doesn’t do a very good job of bringing readers together and getting them to talk to each other.

So how do you get off your soapbox as a blogger and start conversations without finishing them, and let your readers take over?

Performancing has a nice list of practical things you can do to build online community of your blog:

  1. Design for repeat visits
  2. Keep advertising minimal for repeats
  3. Provide a recent posts list
  4. Answer your comments
  5. Use the right language
  6. Post frequently
  7. Have a private message system
  8. Allow member posts
  9. Include members in decisions
  10. Don’t neglect the distributed community