SEO reading

September 26th, 2006


Q: What books would you suggest I begin reading to get a better idea of optimizing a site?

A: I wouldn’t pick up a book for SEO. At least I haven’t yet found an SEO book that stands the test of time. Print is too remote a medium from the Internet – ideas expressed in the book could be outdated before the book is published. Plus, it’s a single view, isolated from the rest of the community of experts.

Instead, I’d suggest getting up to speed by immersing yourself in a few online communities, such as:,, and But be careful, because there’s a lot of wrong advice as well as good advice.

I can also suggest some a few articles on SEO by Brian and myself:
The Ruby Slippers of Search
The Invisible Edge
The Search Is Onâ?¦
There actually is one e-book I would recommend: Search Engine Marketing: The Essential Best Practice Guide by Mike Grehan, available online at