Search Engine Optimizing your Blog

May 19th, 2006


If you read Marketing Profs, you may have seen my two-part article over the last couple of weeks Ten Tips to Help Your Blog Soar in the Search Engines.

The tips involved…

  1. Specific customizing of your title tags
  2. Ways to clean up your URL structure and aggregate link gain to a single definitive (canonical) URL (i.e. reduce duplicate page issues)
  3. Adding a tag cloud and tag pages to your blog and then optimizing those tag pages
  4. Offering text links to related posts
  5. Adding a Top 10 Posts list to your home page with text links to those posts that you most want to pass link gain to
  6. Improving your anchor text on permalinks and on external links to other content of yours
  7. Adding intro copy rich with keywords to the top of the page through the use of sticky posts
  8. Use of heading tags
  9. Use of bold or emphasis tags in the body copy of your blog posts
  10. (For blogs with multiple authors) Creating an author page for each contributor and linking to their site directly from your home page to pass them link gain using keyword rich anchor text.

The complete article is around 3000 words and goes into much more detail. It includes suggested WordPress plugins to use and even sometimes specific PHP code to insert into your blog.

If you are not a MarketingProfs premium subsciber you won’t be able to read the article, so either sign up, or most of the information from the article is available on my blog optimization tag page.