Opinion on automated tools

September 26th, 2006


Q: What is the presenter’s opinion of the SEO software WebPosition Gold? Of IBP?

A: Search engines advise against auto-submitting, machine-generating “doorway pages”, and automated querying. For instance, automated queries cram Google’s servers with useless searches and distort search data.

I’d avoid “any” automated tool that checks positions because it violates Google’s terms of service – “unless” that tool does the querying through Google’s API (which has a maximum number of queries of 1000 per day). Even if the tool you choose uses Google’s API, you’re still not “home free”â?¦ because the API’s results are not very reliable (the API results tend to differ from the regular Google search results).

If you play by the rules, that doesn’t leave much for WebPosition Gold or IBP to do for you. We don’t use either tool. I also think that analyzing your pages’ keyword density values is not seeing the forest for the trees.