August 20th, 2006


Originally published in NZ Marketing Magazine

In this article written by Patricia Moore, author for NZ Marketing Magazine, Netconcepts makes the public scene, not for SEO, but for their marketing success.

Moore discusses how companies have had remarkable success in the competitive New Zealand export market. How are companies succeeding in this market? What or, perhaps more importantly, who should companies turn to in order to fuel their global success.

Netconcepts’ Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Varcoe shares his success story as a major player in the United States SEO market. â??We are well aware there are large companies waiting in the wings who would be more than happy to take business from us. Many of those companies are well resourced so we have to punch above our weight and constantly be on the ball so as not to be beaten by the opposition.â?? says Varcoe.

Read this entire article and more about how NZ companies are competing in the Global market, marketing tactics that work, and more.