Making your blog sticky

April 21st, 2006


It is easier to build a relationship with your reader and engage with them if your blog is sticky. A sticky web site compels visitors to come back again and again, and to stay longer too. My blog is reasonably sticky because the author is so good and has such insightful things to say. 😉

But in all seriousness though, there are things you can do to engage your readers more effectively. For instance, you can form a community where they all talk to each other. Most blogs, unfortunately, are abysmal at that. Even my blog really doesn’t do a very good job of bringing readers together and involving them in a group discussion. It’s entirely too easy to be up on one’s soapbox, to start a conversation and also finish it.

Here are some practical suggestions for making your blog sticky, courtesy of Performancing:

  1. Design for repeat visits
  2. Keep advertising minimal for repeats
  3. Provide a recent posts list
  4. Answer your comments
  5. Use the right language
  6. Post frequently
  7. Have a private message system
  8. Allow member posts
  9. Include members in decisions
  10. Don’t neglect the distributed community
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