InnSite Selected as “Best Inn Directory”

January 1st, 1999


Originally published in Yahoo! Internet Life

Yahoo Internet Life magazine

Best Inn Directory of 1998

Staying at a bed-and-breakfast is just like spending the weekend at a friend’s house — except that you can enjoy the homemade pancakes and coffee without feeling obligated to reciprocate by springing for lunch later. Of course, you may have to endure a bit of awkward morning chitchat with total strangers, but many consider that a small price to pay for the B&B experience. Surf InnSite for extensive previews — including photos and maps — of places to stay the night, throughout the U.S. and abroad. In fact, the InnCrawler feature will let you search through more than 12,000 Web pages to find the inn of your dreams. In addition, there are links to B&B-related discussion groups and an online bookstore (offered in conjunction with