The Criteria Matrix

January 1st, 2004

The Criteria Matrix

The Criteria Matrix will help you rate the mock-up designs and objectively choose the winning design from the group.

Use the following Criteria Matrix as a starting point. Determine your criteria and the importance of each criterion (weighting factor), taking into account the goals and objectives of your site.

0-20 Appeals to target audience?
0-10 Downloads fast?
0-15 Works in all browsers?
0-20 Works on low-end systems?
0-20 Generates interest in the company’s products/services?
0-10 Informative?
0-10 Ease of navigation
0-15 Encourages exploration?
0-15 Conveys the proper brand positioning and theme?
0-10 Easy to contact the company electronically?

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  1. […] The creative spec is an extension of the creative brief, and it fleshes out the site structure, navigation, and several mock-ups (storyboards) of the home page and a secondary page. Choose the winning mock-up using a “criteria matrix”. […]

  2. by Writing an Effective Creative Brief, Functional Spec, Technical Specification — February 8, 2008 @ 5:16 pm