Screencast on Advanced SEO Tactics with Stephan Spencer and Rand Fishkin

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminars — online

March 27th, 2008

Seminar by Stephan Spencer

Join our founder and president, Stephan Spencer, along with renowned search guru Rand Fishkin, in this archived webinar of an information-packed 131-minutes of advanced SEO tips and tricks. This webinar, for MarketingProfs.com, was called “Advanced Tactics in SEO: Part Art, Part Science”. Ever wonder what the SEO pros know that you don’t? What tools they use every day that you don’t even know exist?

This screencast isn’t about search engine optimization fundamentals. You will learn how to take your search engine optimization skill set to the next level, even if you’re already a savvy search marketer.

Watch Stephan and Rand’s webinar as a streaming Flash video »

Or, alternatively download/watch as a Quicktime (m4v) movie (77 MB).

Screencast on Website Metrics with Stephan Spencer and Avinash Kaushik

March 4th, 2008


Join our founder and president, Stephan Spencer, along with renowned analytics expert Avinash Kaushik, in this archived webinar of an information-packed 101-minutes of website analytic tips and tricks. This webinar, for Lorman Education Teleconferences, was called “Website Metrics and ROI: Getting the Most out of Your Online Marketing Spend.”

Watch Stephan and Avinash’s webinar as a streaming Flash video »

Or, alternatively download/watch as a Quicktime (m4v) movie (77 MB).

SEO for Really Big Websites

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminars — online

June 28th, 2007

Seminar by Stephan Spencer and Chris Smith

Got a large, complex, database-driven website? Then you’re in luck, because such a site represents the best opportunity for capturing visitors from search engines such as Google. That’s because a large site has so much of what the engines love – content!

In this MarketingProfs seminar, you will gain best practices, invaluable tactics (such as “thin slicing”) and quick-hit tips and tricks. And you’ll discover what to avoid. All with real-world examples from major websites – both commercial and non-commercial.

  • How to expand into countless keyword markets
  • How to get many more pages indexed
  • How to optimize your HTML templates and CSS to make those pages “sing” to the search engines
  • How to pass your PageRank much more effectively through your site
  • How to build deep links to internal pages, not just to your home page
  • How to measure success using new (and little-known!) metrics and KPIs

Stephan Spencer, Founder and President, Netconcepts
Chris Smith, Lead Search Strategist, Netconcepts

The first video seen below is the original 90-minute webinar featuring Stephan Spencer and Chris Smith. (The Quicktime file is 112 MB)

The second video is the Q&A section of the webinar, which was so long we did it as a separate recording, lasting 105 minutes. (The Quicktime file is 205 MB)

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Screencast on link building with Stephan Spencer and Eric Ward

February 13th, 2007


Join our founder and president, Stephan Spencer, along with renowned link builder Eric Ward, in this archived webinar of an information-packed 90-minutes of link building tips and tricks. The webinar, for MarketingProfs.com, was called “Inside Secrets to Building Links for Online Publicity, Buzz and Search Engine Optimization”. It was a follow-on to Stephan’s webinar for MarketingProfs 6 months prior, on the topic of boosting Google rankings through links (also available as a 90-minute screencast).

Watch Stephan and Eric’s webinar as a streaming Flash video »

Or, alternatively download/watch as a Quicktime (m4v) movie (169 MB) or as a Windows Media (wmv) file (59 MB).

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Search Marketing Essentials for Online Retailers

MarketingProfs: Virtual Seminars — online

February 8th, 2007

Webcast by

Your search marketing programs – both organic and paid – are in decent shape, but now you need to take both to the next level. Where should you invest additional resources in SEO? How can you spend more on PPC and still generate healthy sales? How can you evaluate the state of your current programs? How can you assess the potential for additional growth? What strategies and tactics should you implementing next?

Stephan Spencer and George Michie will share their expertise and tips for advanced search marketing, specific to the unique challenges that e-commerce marketers face. Stephan Spencer is a long-respected expert in search marketing and founder and President of Netconcepts. George Michie, a paid search veteran since the industry’s beginning, is Vice President of Client Services for The Rimm-Kaufman Group.

You Will Learn:

  • Online acquisition economics
  • Budgeting and planning for paid and organic search
  • Strategies for competition with larger, better-funded competitors
  • Strategies for your key search phrases from the “head” of the search distribution
  • Strategies for the “long tail” of your search distribution
  • When it may make sense to outsource elements of your search marketing effort, and when it may not
  • The current legal and marketing issues surrounding use of trademarks and brand names
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Success with Email Marketing Campaigns: 10 Campaigns Critiqued for Best and Worst Practices

MarketingProfs virtual seminar series — online

August 24th, 2006

Webcast by

For many of you, your email campaign lost the race even before it got out of the gate. Spam filters and email firewalls silently and unceremoniously junk your emails. Research has shown that fully one-third of permission-based emails don’t get delivered.

Even if your message gets past the filters, it doesn’t mean your email will be opened. Your recipients are brutal when it comes to slashing through the commercial messages clogging their inboxes. A split second decision will decide your email’s fate, based squarely on your From line and Subject line, and to a smaller extent, what’s visible in the Preview pane. After navigating these deliverability and openability hazards, you still have to get the recipient to comprehend and act on your message. A pretty tall order nowadays.

This virtual seminar is going to get “hands on” with reviews of actual email campaigns submitted by seminar attendees. Not all will be chosen, so give yourself the best chance of having your campaign critiqued: submit your entry early. Stephan is one of the most popularly and highly acclaimed MarketingProfs seminar leaders.

If you’ve ever wondered what you were doing wrong with your email marketing, or wondered what you could be doing better, then this is the seminar for you.

You will learn:

  • How to write messages that are opened and read
  • How to create subject lines that are the best they can be
  • Best practices for your call-to-action and value proposition
  • How to balance text and images
  • When to use Text or HTML
  • Whether your email is compliant with CAN-SPAM legislation
  • Whether your messages will get past spam filters

The 90-minute seminar will include an extended Q&A.

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Inside Secrets To Building Links for Online Publicity, Buzz and SEO

MarketingProfs virtual seminar series — online (webcast)

February 16th, 2006

Webcast by

Everyone seems to be in a frenzy to get links to their sites. Usually for the wrong reasons and from the wrong sites. Terms like Link Popularity, PageRank, Hubs, Authorities, Hilltop, Sandbox, Anchor Text, etc. are being bandied about and discussed ad nauseam. Marketers obsess over concepts like link leakage, bleeding PageRank, nofollow tags, triangular links, link architecture, link equity. There are many companies selling linking services that are absolutely 100% worthless.

Get past all the misinformation and disinformation and join two of the top-most experts on link building, as they share their favorite tips, lessons learned, tools, and success stories.

This seminar will be rich with case study examples.

This seminar is for you if you:

  1. Know that you’re missing out on key linking opportunities, but you just don’t know which ones and how to find them
  2. Don’t have all the answers on what it takes to get coverage and links in the right places from the right people
  3. Don’t have a current linking strategy or have one with holes

Successful link builders take an active role in the process. They don’t just sit back and hope that links happen. They make them happen! Take the first step by registering for this virtual seminar today.

You will learn:

  • To build a comprehensive linking strategy (including: portals, blogs, feeds, niche venues, vertical search, authority sites, e-newsletters, zines, awards, mailing lists)
  • How to get the best anchor text that you can
  • Holistic linking
  • How to receive online publicity
  • How to purchase links
  • How maximize on-site and off-site link architecture
  • How to mine and analyze competitor site links and industry-specific links
  • The biggest link building mistakes and myths
  • To generate buzz
  • How to write and release effective press releases
  • Link building in blogs and RSS feeds
  • How to the right people with the right message
  • How to optimize your link architecture to get the most out of your inbound links

The 90-minute seminar will include an extended Q&A.


Eric Ward founded the Web’s first service for publicizing Web content back in 1994, and he still offers these services today. His client list is a who’s who of online brands. Eric is best known as the person behind the original linking campaigns for Amazon.com Books, The Link Exchange, Microsoft.com, Rodney Dangerfield, WarnerBros, The Discovery Channel, the AMA, and The Weather Channel. His services won the 1995 Tenagra Award for Internet Marketing Excellence, and he was selected as one of the Web’s 100 most influential people by Websight magazine in 1997. Eric also wrote the Link Building column for ClickZ, the NetSense column for Ad Age magazine, and is a 4-star speaker at major industry conferences.

Stephan Spencer is founder and President at Netconcepts, a 9-year-old, multi-national interactive agency specializing in search engine optimization, web redesign, usability, e-commerce, website auditing and email marketing. Clients include Verizon, REI, Gorton’s, Cabela’s, InfoSpace, The Sharper Image, Wella, Northern Tool, Sara Lee Direct, Midwest Airlines, Guild.com, and MP3.com. He has contributed to magazines such as Catalog Age, Unlimited, Building Online Business, and NZ Marketing. Stephan is a frequent speaker on Internet marketing topics for organizations such as the DMA, the AMA, Internet World, and IIR.

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Google in the Real World: How Links Boost Your Ranking

MarketingProfs virtual seminar series — online (webcast)

November 10th, 2005

Webcast by

Links are the currency of the search engines. Without good inbound links to your web site, your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts will be in vain.

Link building is arguably the most difficult, most misunderstood, and most poorly executed aspect to SEO. Join SEO and link-building expert Stephan Spencer as he guides us through the quagmire and shows us the way to great search engine rankings.

You will learn:

  • Google’s PageRank scores: red herring or useful metric?
  • What makes a link valuable or not
  • Creative strategies for building link-worthy content
  • What works when approaching webmasters with link requests
  • Pitfalls to avoid if buying or bartering links
  • The phenomenon of Google bombing and making it work in your favor
  • The role of authorities, hubs, and topical relevance
  • How to leverage blogs and the blogosphere for link building
  • To get your content successfully syndicated onto other web sites with RSS
  • How to capture the link gain (PageRank) of your affiliates and your advertising

The 90-minute seminar will include an extended Q&A.

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Natural (Organic) Search Engine Optimization: Hard Facts, Real Lessons, Insider Secrets

Catalog Age Webinar — Online

March 9th, 2005

Webcast by

The search algorithms of Google, Yahoo, and MSN power about 95% of all Web search queries, making high-ranking search listings in these three engines a marketer’s dream. With over 70% of search result clickthroughs going to the natural (unpaid) search results pages and the “implied endorsement” that goes with a top natural listing, it’s essential that marketers gain mastery in natural search optimization. Besides, where else can you reach such high penetration to highly qualified prospects at zero cost per click?

While natural search listings deliver untold millions in sales to some of the Web’s savviest online retailers, most Web sites are not properly designed to reach this market. How can you adjust or revamp your site so that the engines will love it?

Join Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts, Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems, and Joan Broughton, VP – Multi-Channel Programs at REI during this rich presentation to learn the essential strategies of putting the search engines to work for your Web site. You’ll learn the secrets of how to:

  • Estimate missed opportunity costs
  • Sell your SEO initiative to upper management then resource it effectively
  • Ensure the search engine spiders crawls 100% of your site, including dynamic pages
  • Design your pages to dominate rankings
  • Build your importance score and pass it on effectively using your internal hierarchical linking structure
  • Check your site’s natural search “pulse”
  • Avoid getting banned/penalized by the engines
  • Leverage your internal site search for search engine fodder
  • …and much more!

Join us for an information-packed hour of concrete advice, definitive answers, best and worst practices, real-life examples, and interactive critiques.

Watch the archived webinar

Download: MPEG 4 (68 MB)


Stephan Spencer, Founder & President, Netconcepts

Stephan has been helping companies exploit commerce opportunities online since 1995. Clients include REI, Verizon, Gorton’s, Kohl’s, Cabela’s, to name a few. Stephan started Netconcepts in 1995 and grew it from a one-person Internet consultancy to what it now a multi-national interactive agency, specialising in web design and ecommerce with search engine optimization built in.

Dr Shaun Ryan, CEO, SLI Systems

Shaun Ryan combines commercial experience and academic expertise to lead a company that consistently improves the search experience of millions of online shoppers, customers of stores like Etronics, Any Mountain and Harry and David. His commercial background includes positions with NBCi and consulting to organizations like international health technology company Invacare. With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Canterbury, Shaun was one of the founders of SLI Systems’ unique learning search technology.

Joan Broughton, Vice President of Multichannel Programs/Online, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

Service to REI since 2000. Former executive at Office Depot and America Online. Currently oversees strategy and operations of REI’s Multichannel Programs and Online businesses, including REI.com, REI-OUTLET.com, and REI Adventures. Serves on the boards of the American Hiking Society and Shop.org, an online retailer association. Enjoys hiking and running.

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Maximizing Your “Natural Search” Channel: SEO That Really Works

MarketingProfs virtual seminar series — online (webcast)

November 18th, 2004

Webcast by

Imagine an online ad that costs you nothing per impression, guarantees both a local and worldwide audience actively seeking your products and services, and offers 6 times the click-through rate of a banner ad… a search engine listing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ultimate targeted, low cost and high return weapon in the e-marketer’s promotional arsenal.

Learn how to maximize your reach through the “organic” (unpaid) results in the search engines:

  • Which search engines to target
  • Keyword research tools and tactics
  • Writing copy that “sings” to the search engines
  • Benchmarking against your competitors
  • Link building strategies that work
  • Optimal search engine architecture
  • Best practices to emulate
  • Scams exposed
  • Case studies – including the “inside scoop” on what worked and what didn’t
  • Making your e-commerce or database-driven site “search engine friendly”
  • Measuring the return on your search engine marketing investment
  • Developing a search engine marketing plan
  • Criteria for selecting a search engine marketing agency
  • Online tools and resources