Interview with Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Anti-Spam Team

December 17th, 2007


In early December, I spoke at the PubCon conference where I had the chance to sit down with Matt Cutts, head of Google’s anti-spam team.

Matt was kind enough to agree to an interview, where he shared invaluable tips about Flash, syndicating content, the change to their supplemental results, and a lot more. His insight and advice is really helpful; he provides clarity on topics that can be really confusing.

If you prefer a written transcript, you can read the interview transcript with Matt Cutts on my blog. I invite you to listen to the podcast interview, which is available now.

Interview with IBM’s Mike Moran

September 26th, 2007


In this interview, Stephan Spencer, Founder and President of Netconcepts, sits down with Mike Moran, Distinguished Engineer for IBM Corp. Mike is an author and search marketing pioneer, who brought SEO to IBM and was able to use techniques to implement best practices on a massive scale. From establishing ROI to savvy uses of corporate resources, we talk about how powerful SEO can be for huge corporations, and how search marketers can navigate their way through corporate channels to effectively test new marketing strategies, attract customers, and incorporate SEO into their daily lives.

If you prefer to read this interview, check out the transcript.

This podcast is now available for you to listen to.

Interview with Maile Ohye from Google

August 8th, 2007


Do you lie awake at night wondering whether or not Google wants to know what you’re thinking? Find out by listening to this interview with Maile Ohye, Google’s Senior Support Engineer, and Stephan Spencer, Founder and President of Netconcepts.

In this 24 minute interview, Stephan and Maile discuss how your feedback influences Google’s decisions for user and webmaster support, Google’s “New” Webmaster Guidelines, and a wealth of technical SEO “best practice” questions related to things like cloaking and paid links.

Interview with Marylynne Tosyali from

July 1st, 2007


Marylynne Tosyali, Director of Online Marketing at Direct Marketing Services Inc., the company behind,, and several other online stores, is interviewed by Stephan Spencer, President and Founder of Netconcepts.

Stephan and Marylynne covered topics in search from a client’s perspective, Marylynne’s experiences with GravityStream, and their decision to enter the blogosphere.

Listen to this 44 minute podcast, and get an interesting take on search from an online retailer.

Interview with PoolDawg for PRWeb

June 8th, 2007

This interview is with PoolDawg and Jody Hartwig, Netconcepts’ Vice President of Client Services for PRWeb. PoolDawg is a Netconcepts’ client whose goals were to embrace organic search.

â??As a newer company in an established market, it was extremely important to get a jump start on our search engine listings,â?? says Mike Feiman, Director of Marketing for

After successfully implementing Netconcepts’ recommendations, PoolDawg has experienced a 300% increase in search engine traffic.

Listen to the interview for an amazing success story!

Interview with Alan Rimm-Kaufman, Paid Search Expert

May 22nd, 2007


Stephan Spencer, President and Founder of Netconcepts, gets to the heart of PPC with Alan Rimm-Kaufman, leader of the Rimm-Kaufman Group, writer and distinguished speaker in this informative podcast.

From click fraud to paradigm shifts in PPC, this interview informs and teaches us how to be more “paid search”-savvy on a corporate level. Learn how to channel Alan’s passion for search, and find out how his tips can benefit you in this 55 minute podcast.

Interview with Google engineer Amanda Camp

April 15th, 2007


Stephan Spencer recently sat down to discuss SEO with Google software engineer Amanda Camp. Amanda personally developed many very popular Google tools and she continues to innovate the search engine space. Get the insidersâ?? perspective into Google’s latest innovations, sitemaps, Googlebot, PageRank, and which best practices will put your site in Google’s good graces.

The interview has been edited down to 33 minutes and is now available to listen to:

Interview with Google’s Vanessa Fox

March 24th, 2007


I had the distinct pleasure of spending an hour on the phone with Vanessa Fox, Product Manager of Google Webmaster Central, interviewing her just over a week ago. Our discussions ran the gamut of SEO issues â?? redirects, duplicate content, AJAX, Flash, PageRank, and of course, the wealth of tools and reports that Google has made available in their Webmaster Central.

If you prefer to read this interview, check out the transcript.

The interview has been edited down to 40 minutes, and is now available for you to listen to.

Interview with veteran link builder Eric Ward

March 23rd, 2007

Eric Ward has been link building since the early 1990â??s and well before the days of Google’s PageRank. His client list includes such large companies as and the Discovery Channel.

Listen to this 36-minute interview, as AMA conference chair Stephan Spencer pulls some great link building tips and tricks out of Eric.

Interview with Wikipedia editor Jonathan Hochman

February 15th, 2007

Get an inside look into this valuable online encyclopedia in Stephan Spencer’s interview with SEO specialist Jonathan Hochman. They cover topics like: building knowledge about your brand, delivering traffic to your website, avoiding “linkspam” and things you should definitely not do to anger the Wiki editors.