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Audio Interview with SEO manager Chris Alan

January 16th, 2008


In this interview, Stephan Spencer, Founder and President of Netconcepts, sits down with Chris Alan, SEO manager for Chris is a SEO veteran who currently manages all aspects of Expedia’s natural search channel, including keyword campaigns, landing pages, and more. We talk about common pitfalls that companies fall into when managing large, keyword campaigns as well as a number of other useful tips for big and small websites.

If you prefer to read this interview, check out the abridged transcript.

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Case Study: Cabela’

Cabela's Logo

  • GravityStream empowers Cabelaâ??s marketing team with control over the natural search channel.
  • GravityStream shattered indexation goals by 45%. This lead to 200% more traffic and 50% more sales.
  • Cabelaâ??s brand is well positioned in over 200,000 long-tail search markets, with over 40,000 pages driving traffic.
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Search Engine Optimization Teleconference

April 5th, 2005


In this teleseminar, Netconceptsâ?? founder Stephan Spencer heads up a 90 minute session with SEO thought leaders: Cam Balzer, Christine Churchill, Mike Grehan, Ammon Johns, Brian Klais, Barry Lloyd, Ian McAnerin, Alan Rimm-Kaufman, Eric Ward and Jill Whalen.

Learn about the rapidly changing world of search, find out where SEO is heading, discover new trends and opportunities, and listen while the panel explores the real issues facing the industry today.

Read the Executive Summary: part 1 and part 2

Download the Transcript: PDF (300 K)

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