SEO Through Blogs & Feeds – Advanced Organic Track

Search Engine Strategies (SES) — New York, NY

April 11th, 2007


Not yet running a blog? Not syndicating your content through web feeds? Then you’re missing out on an important area that can help your overall SEO efforts. Learn more about the unique advantages blogs and feeds offer to search engine optimization.

Stephan Spencer, Founder and President, Netconcepts
Rick Klau, Vice President of Publisher Services, Feedburner
Sally Falkow, President, Expansion Plus
Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder, SEO-PR

Interview with A-list blogger Toby Bloomberg

February 24th, 2007

A-list blogger Toby Bloomberg is a leading light when it comes to business blog and social media strategy. Her popular Diva Marketing Blog is both an insightful marketing resource and a fun read. Through her company, Bloomberg Marketing, where she is president, Toby helps clients develop integrated marketing plans that utilize interactive tactics such as blogs, podcasts, video, and social media. Stephan Spencer, Netconceptsâ?? founder and president, had the pleasure of recently interviewing good friend Toby.

Listen to this 23 minute podcast, and hear what Toby had to say about blogs, social media strategy, and moreâ?¦

Web 2.0 for Publishers

January 30th, 2007

In this presentation to The Wisconsin Publishersâ?? Production Club‘s (WPPC) Catalog Innovations meeting in January, Netconcepts’ Director of E-Business, Hershel Reese explains how Web 2.0 has great implications for catalogers and publishers online.

RSS feeds are changing the way people are consuming their media. You need to stay on top of this channel in order to remain competitive online.

Web 2.0 is also changing the way people interact with web properties. The user generated content phenomena is helping site owners to actively engage an audience and build community online.

This presentation will also discuss how one online publisher,, is leveraging the Web 2.0 tool kit.

Social Media Sites are emerging as a channel to be reckoned with online. If you are not participating in these communities you are missing opportunities for increased brand recognition and traffic to your sites.

You Will Discover:

  • Best practices for RSS usage
  • The benefits of user generated content
  • Why tagging matters for website owners
  • How industry leaders are leveraging Web 2.0
  • How social media can bump up your traffic and impressions

This presentation was originally held on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at The Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, WI.

News Release: Credit Demystified

January 17th, 2007

Countrywide’s Isn’t a Blog, or Is It?

Web development companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of WordPress as a content management system (CMS)., an educational site developed for Countrywide Home Loans, illustrates how a corporate microsite can successfully be adapted to the blog platform.

The microsite, developed by Netconcepts, is designed to help visitors become credit savvy by providing simple answers to credit questions. Although the microsite’s platform is WordPress, is far from a traditional blog.

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Marketing Transparency

January 2nd, 2007


Originally published in WebProNews

Mike McDonald of WebProNews interviewed our very own Stephan Spencer at SES in Chicago last month, in December 06. This 10 minute interview with Stephan and Lee Odden from TopRank discusses the credibility of Web 2.0 marketing tactics in the eyes of consumers.

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Marketing on MySpace

January 2nd, 2007


Originally published in MarketingProfs

With tens of millions of users (but probably not the purported 100 million), is a force to be reckoned with. Especially when you consider that MySpace apparently drives more traffic to online retailers than MSN Search, according to some recent Hitwise data.

But MySpace is hard for many of us adults to get our heads around. It just doesn’t seem logical: How does it hold the interest of so many young people with short attention spans, despite the fact that the design/usability is so atrocious, the Web page creation platform is so frustratingly restrictive, and it’s chock full of so many profiles that are obviously fake, spam, duplicated, or abandoned?

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Blog & Feed Search SEO

Search Engine Strategies — Chicago, IL

December 6th, 2006


This session explores how specialized blog and feed (RSS/Atom) search engines gather content and provides tips on tapping into these growing forms of traffic.

Detlev Johnson, VP, Director of Consulting, Position Technologies

Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., APR, Searching for Profit
Stephan Spencer, Founder and President, Netconcepts, LLC
Rick Klau, FeedBurner

December 6th, 2006 screenshotCredit Demystified was designed to help visitors become credit savvy. Dedicated to providing simple answers to complicated credit questions, Credit Demystified provides free articles, workbooks, and links to home loan options. Built on behalf of Countrywide Home Loans, the site is designed to make the most of Web 2.0 opportunities, and like all Netconceptsâ?? websites it is search engine optimal.

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Visit the site: Credit Demystified
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House of Travel blog

November 1st, 2006

House of Travel screenshotHouse of Travel is New Zealand’s largest independent chain of travel agents. Fully 20% of total sales are transacted online, so their website is a very important part of their business.

It was our vision that social media, blogging in particular, could play a pivotal role in House of Travel’s online marketing strategy. Happily, our enthusiasm for blogging for marketing was contagious and House of Travel enlisted Netconcepts’ help in their blog strategy and implementation.

The House of Travel blog provides insight on travel destinations through the sharing of personal experiences from House of Travel travel agents and associated staff. The blog is both entertaining and educational for would-be travellers. Most entries include photos. The blog has multiple authors, and is organized by staffers’ journeys, by destination, as well as by date. Multiple RSS feeds are available.

Charles Coxhead, Online Marketing Manager at House of Travel, states that the blog “started out very much as an experiment but quickly proved itself and we now consider it an integral part of our content and ecommerce strategy.”

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Visit the site: House Of Travel Blog
Further reading: Case study, Testimonial, Computerworld Article

Blog an integral part of content and comms strategy

House of Travel logo“As you know it [the blog] started out very much as an experiment, but quickly proved itself and we now consider it an integral part of our content and comms strategy. And it will become increasingly important. From very early on it earned a better Google PR than our main site even…. the organic search traffic is growing along with the SERPs, and it definitely ranks better than the rest of our site for certain keywords.”

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