Seeking Search Engine Optimization

January 1st, 2003

Originally published in Catalog Age

An analysis by Netconcepts of 99 websites on the Catalog Age 100 revealed search engine optimization wasn’t a top priority for marketers. 24% were using frames which can be difficult for search engines to spider, 74% have home pages made up predominantly of graphics, 14% use pop-up boxes, and 6% practice keyword stuffing, a tactic that can get you banned by the search engines; catalogers have a lot to learn about SEO.

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The Invisible Edge

December 23rd, 2002

by Stephan Spencer and Brian Klais

521,000 people were searching across the entire Internet last week for the 21,200 products you sell, and that since 99.3% of them did not know that you sold those items, they did not visit your site. And this cost you, $5 million in missed sales opportunities. Oops!

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SEM: What Every e-Marketer Needs to Know (Workshop)

November 5th, 2002


Step-by-Step Web Marketing (produced by IIR, sponsored by Google, and endorsed by the American Marketing Association) held in Atlanta, GA

Imagine an online ad that costs you nothing per impression, guarantees both a local and worldwide audience actively seeking your products and services, and offers 6 times the click-through rate of a banner ad… a search engine listing.

Search Engine Marketing is the ultimate targeted, low cost and high return weapon in the e-marketer’s promotional arsenal. Using search engines is the second most popular Web activity behind email. 80% of Internet sessions begin at search engines. 55% of online purchases are made on sites found through search engine listings. If you want to grab people’s attention online, you need to know how to get your message to people through search engines.

Companies who do not aggressively address search engine marketing are letting their competitors eat their lunch. Consider that has nearly 500-fold more pages in Google than,,, and combined! There is a serious gap in your e-marketing strategy if it does not include search engine marketing.

Join us for a hands-on, day-long workshop on search engine marketing, where, with a live Internet connection, we will tackle:

  • Which search engines to target
  • Hands-on keyword research
  • Benchmarking against your competitors
  • Google’s secrets revealed (PageRank, hyperlink text, etc.)
  • Pay-for-performance search engines (Overture, etc.)
  • Building links (directories, niche sites, etc.)
  • Developing a search engine marketing plan
  • Best and worst practices (emulate the leaders, squash your competition)
  • Case studies, including the “inside scoop” on what worked and what didn’t
  • Making your e-commerce or database-driven site “search engine friendly”
  • Measuring the return on your search engine marketing investment
  • Criteria for selecting a search engine marketing agency
  • Online tools and resources

You’ll walk away with loads of practical, actionable tactics and tips. For example:

  • How many pages of your site (and your competitors’ sites) each search engine has indexed
  • The best sites in your industry to get links from for increasing your position in the search results
  • Relative popularities of keywords that your target audience might use (e.g. what’s more popular with searchers – apparel, clothes, or clothing?)
  • Workarounds for “spider traps” and poor search engine practices such as frames, question marks in URLs, Flash, pop-up windows, links that say “click here,” page titles like “Welcome to”, pull-down navigation menus, etc.

This workshop is designed with non-technical marketers in mind. But even the Internet-savvy techie will get a lot of this tailored, intensive workshop. Sponsored by Google and endorsed by the American Marketing Association, Sales & Marketing Executives International, and the eMarketing Association.

Secrets to High Search Engine Rankings: Turning the Search Engines into Your Virtual Sales Force

Sales & Marketing Executives International webinars — online

October 31st, 2002

Seminar by

Happy Googling

October 1st, 2002


Originally published in Unlimited

Google, with over two billion documents in its search database, is the most popular search engine on the planet. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

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Benefits far outweigh cost for this fashion brand

“I highly recommend to undertake a website audit from Netconcepts. The cost of these studies is not high in comparison to the benefits.”

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The Search is On…

June 1st, 2002


Originally published in Catalog Age

Van Dyke’s Restorers is pretty happy with the results of its site redesign. With a 450% increase in traffic within three months and a 500% leap in revenue, why wouldn’t the Woonsocket, SD-based cataloger be happy? What’s more, the redesign didn’t involve major changes to the Website offering. All that the marketer of woodworking and furniture restoration supplies had to do was …

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Site now on page 1 for Google – thanks to Netconcepts

“…how pleased I was when I typed ‘Health jobs in New Zealand’ into Google the other day and we came up number one.”

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Search engines not important to marketers shows research

May 16th, 2002

Originally published in New Zealand Herald

It may tempting to let search engine optimization slide to the bottom of the priority list but Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts says marketers need to be aware that an increasing number of customers rely on search engines to access information for them.

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Expert perspective improves site traffic and conversion rates

“I would recommend any marketing executive turn to Netconcepts for a new perspective.”

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