Webcast Feedback from AMA Webcast on Google

Stephan can really draw audiences. His recent “7 Ways to increase your Google ranking” was the highest-attended webcast ever mounted by the American Marketing Association. And he draws really great feedback, consistently gaining speaker ratings of 4+ out of 5.

Below are some unsolicited comments from attendees of this webcast.

“I was very pleased with the webcast provided by Mr. Spencer today. There was a lot of useful content provided in an understandable format. The illustrative examples were very helpful too.”
– Joshua

“Your presentation was VERY good today. We have inexperienced and seasoned web people in the room, and everyone felt they got a lot out of it. Thanks.”
– Teri

“Thought the webcast today was great (7 Secrets to High Google Rankings for Marketers Getting Google to Love Your Website).”
– Nissa

“By the way – great job with the whole thing – best web cast I’ve seen yet! 🙂 Thanks”
– Amanda

“Thanks! Wonderful presentation.”
– Terry

“Excellent hour! I’d wager there were more colleges and universities among the 2300 participants than you or the AMA would ever guess. Thanks for your time and energy.”
– Michael

“I participated in your Webex seminar today about 7 Ways to increase your Google rankings. I would like to request a copy of the presentation if possible. This will be a great resource for our marketing needs. Thanks!”
– Inese

“Excellent presentation today! Could you please send me a soft copy of today’s ppt presentation on the 7 Secrets to High Google Rankings. Thank you.”
– Lesley

“Dear Stephan Spencer,
Please provide a copy of the slides that you presented today on “7 Secrets to High Google Rankings – for Marketers”. It was a great subject and well presented.”

– Bob

“There was a powerful-lot of good information about the “underpinnings” of a website in that seminar, and I will need to review it with co-workers to be sure we take advantage of it all. Thank you for a great program.”
– Ann

“I found the seminar to be very interesting and useful, and have recommended that our IT staff replay the seminar when it is available next week. Thank you for your assistance.”
– Neil

“We enjoyed your presentation very much- it was very informative and helpful to determine our strategy. Would you please forward me the presentation. I would like to have it for the future reference. Thank you.”
– Armida

“Thank you for a very enlightening presentation (now I have A LOT of work to do on my website!!)…. “
– Tori

“I enjoyed listening in on Stephan Spencer’s presentation: 7 Secrets to High Google Rankings – Getting Google to Love Your Website. I have so much to learn about this topic, and I know our company’s website performance can be improved significantly! Many thanks.”
– Lori

“Great lecture. Very informative and thought provoking.”
– Scott

“Thanks… it was really a great presentation… lots of content.”
– Pascal

“I found the presentation “7 Secrets to High Google Rankings” extremely helpful–lot’s of great information and resources were presented. Thanks!”
– Dorene

“I look forward to trying some of the suggestions presented. Thank you”
– Carol

“Thank you very much for your informative and concise presentation on high Google rankings!”
– Sue

“Let me first congratulate you on the excellent presentation. Lots of very useful and critical information.”
– Art

Great presentation! It was very insightful. I would like to pass along the concepts you presented to our resellers.”

– Christine

“Excellent Web Seminar! Thank you,”
– Jim

“Great stuff, very effectively done.”
– Katherine

“Awesome job! Thanks”
– Scott

“My first AMA conference and it was Excellent!”
– Andy

“Your presentation was fantastic. It helped me understand and focus on where I should concentrate on search engine optimization.”
– John

“I greatly enjoyed the presentation on Google and how to get my client’s Websites in Google’s index.”
– Warren

“I have been fighting the good fight here to go against a bad vendor recommendation to our sales dept. and I think this has gone a long way to dissuading them.”
– Charles

“Thanks! The webinar was great.”
– Tom

“Dear NetConcepts.Com
Your Webcast was terrific!”

– Joe