Google Gadgets and Gadget Ads

March 25th, 2008


Jacqui Jones, Lead Consultant from Netconcepts, sits down with Jeremy Wood from Google to talk about Google Gadgets and Gadget Ads in this nine minute interview. Jeremy provides some helpful hints and tips for marketers and developers on how to get the most out of Gadgets and Gadget Ads, including tips on how to get your Gadget listed with Google.

The Wonderful World of Widgets

January 16th, 2008


Originally published in ClickZ

Do you know what a widget is? Do you know how to design a widget that is based on SEO “best practices”? PJ Fusco, lead strategist for Netconcepts, shares her expertise on this popular topic.

If you want people to add your widget to their desktops, mobile phones, blogs, or social media applications, such as Facebook or MySpace, keep these commonly held best practices guidelines in mind:

  • Make your widgets useful, contagious, simple, and genuine.
  • Make your widgets easy to use, reliable, and ready to be shared.
  • Make your widgets accessible on multiple frameworks and multiple formats.
  • Make your widgets measurable.
  • Make your widgets a big part of a global SEO campaign.

For more about the wonderful world of widgets, read the article on ClickZ.