February 20th, 2007


Originally published in The New Zealand Marketing Association

The New Zealand Marketing Association announces that Netconcepts’ patent-pending GravityStream technology to optimize the â??long tailâ?? of product-related natural search traffic and sales for online retailers won Gold in the category of Innovation.

Read the entry submission and GravityStream product overview published by the NZ Marketing Association and written by Netconcepts’ very own Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Varcoe.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Interview

February 1st, 2007


In this interview with Brian Quinton, Senior Editor of DIRECT Magazine, Netconcepts’ VP of Search, Brian Klais discusses the key performance indicators facing search marketers today. Learn, from an industry leader, the essential concepts behind the Long Tail of Natural Search. Listen and discover how to utilize website analytics to grow your “tail,” increasing your search engine marketing ROI.

Interview conducted by Brian Quinton, Senior Editor of DIRECT Magazine on Thursday, February 1, 2007.

News Release: Long Tail Dynamics

December 21st, 2006

Lost shoppers are being found through unbranded keyword searches by the e-commerce clients of Netconcepts, a global Web technology company specializing in natural search optimization consulting and search-friendly E-Business design. Netconceptâ??s clients are increasing their e-retail traffic through natural search optimizations that donâ??t depend on â??brand nameâ?? keywords.

Netconcepts released a white paper last month, â??Chasing the Long Tail of Natural Search,â?? which details the dynamics of the long tail phenomena and how e-commerce marketers can capture unbranded keyword searches. The study reveals the compelling truth that the unbranded market opportunity is 40 times richer than branded searches.

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Search’s Long Tail and SEO

November 22nd, 2006


Originally published in ClickZ

The long tail isn’t a threat to branded search, but a well rounded unbranded complement to natural search engine referrals. However, it’s much easier said than done says PJ Fusco, lead strategist with Netconcepts in this article for ClickZ – unless, of course, the site’s content management structure or e-commerce platform has been built on a blog-like publishing system. Many corporate and e-commerce sites are the antithesis of blogs, she goes on to sayâ?¦

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Strategies to Increase Traffic for Long-tail Keywords

August 8th, 2006


Originally published in Catalog Success

After reading Netconcepts’ latest white paper, Chasing the Long Tail of Natural Search, during the August eTail conference in Philadelphia, PA, Catalog Success Associate Editor, Matt Griffin. Griffin wrote this article.

Griffin discusses why the (over discussed, under explained) 80/20 rule has such validity on search engine marketing of today’s business. He also summarizes Netconceptsâ?? key tactics to capturing the Long Tail of Natural Search.

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