SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your site so that it features high in search engines is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of increasing traffic to your website. It is not necessary to understand the complex algorithms that search engines like Google and Yahoo! use to sort the search results. You need only understand (then apply) what works.

SEO Ethics

Netconcepts does not sanction the use of unethical search engine optimization techniques like doorway pages, cloaking, hidden text or link farming. We strongly advise you to avoid these sort of techniques as, while they may provide a short term rise in ranking, they may ultimately see your site banned in Google. Such techniques are deemed ‘unethical’ because they are designed to trick the search engines into seeing content that does not exist for the ordinary user. With that said, you can optimize your website for the user AND search engines with relative ease and good habits.

Partners in your success

Thinking globally is what we do. Over a decade in the making, our reputation for thought leadership is internationally recognized. More importantly, we transfer our knowledge to you, bringing to the table experience and expertise in tandem with proven strategies for leveraging your online website asset(s) to achieve higher performance.

Informed by our web development and SEO experience, our training intensives ensure that your staff understand why change is necessary, and provide skills to maintain your presence in a sustainable search-optimal way.

Your own team will receive tailored support, expertise, and resource access through our senior account management and search consultant leadership, who manage your completely customizable engagement.

While the quality of our advice is gold standard, keep in mind that implementation is everything. If the advice we give sits on a shelf and other priorities take precedence, then you won’t be able to achieve your goals, and neither will we.

SEO Consulting Services

Our Search Consulting team, led by PJ Fusco, Lead Strategist, provides a host of services that range from Web 2.0 features to training marketers how to optimize their websites. These services are founded upon our SEO Ethics, which are behind everything we do. We not only provide our clients with up-to-date information on the latest techniques in search engine optimization and online marketing, but also specialize in extensive SEO audits that highlight opportunities and challenges on our clients’ native sites.

This sample list of our services can be customized to work with whatever your needs are for your business. As changes ebb and flow on the web, this list will grow to include cutting edge technologies and new SEO strategies that reflect the most current processes available.

  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Strategy
  • URL Rewrite Consultation
  • Automation of Title Tags, Headings, Meta Data
  • Indexation Analysis & Recommendations
  • Graceful Degradation Consultation (for Flash-rich Sites)
  • SEO Consultation before, during & after Site Redesign
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Optimization Training
  • Press Release Optimization Training
  • Link Building Analysis & Strategy
  • Link Building Training
  • Directory Submissions
  • Blog Optimization
  • Blog Networking & Link Building
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization Training
  • Web 2.0 Training
  • Monthly SEO Reporting & Analysis

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