Stephan Spencer – Speaker Profile

Web Marketing Virtuoso, Speaker and Writer

As Yogi Bera once purportedly said: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This applies to your conference delegates as much as anyone.

Your delegates know they need to be on the Web. They know that their websites needs to be visible in the search engines. They know they need to be clever about their e-marketing. They know they need to get their email messages through to their target audience without being caught in the spam filters. What they don’t know is how to pull this all off.

Stephan Spencer, Founder and President of Netconcepts – an interactive agency providing no-nonsense services in search engine optimization, e-commerce, e-marketing and web design – provides practical, information-rich, immediately applicable seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and webcasts on issues that profoundly impact the success of their online presence. He is a seasoned presenter at conferences around the globe.

Imagine, for example, a session at your forthcoming conference with a title like Your Website is Broken – You Just Don’t Know It Yet. Or How to Get Google to Love Your Website. Or Seven Secrets to High Rankings in the Search Engines. Or Email Marketing Beating the Deliverability Crisis.

These sorts of sessions would be highly relevant to anyone who wants to do better marketing online, including a great many of your delegates.

Sample Seminar Topics

“Your Website is Broken – You Just Don’t Know It Yet”

“Wielding the Power of the Internet for Market Research and Competitive Intelligence”

“The Why and How of Blogging for Business”

“Surviving the Email Deliverability Crisis – Getting Your Emails Through”

“Essential Ingredients for Web Redesign Success”

“Secrets to Higher Conversion Rates”

“Seven Secrets to High Search Engine Rankings”

“Viral Marketing – Spreading a Word-of-Mouth Epidemic”

“Email Marketing – Rising Above the Inbox Noise”

Sample Abstracts

Seven Secrets to High Google Rankings

The Internet’s next killer app for marketers has emerged: Google.

Google’s search algorithms power over half of all Web search queries, making high-ranking Google listings a marketer’s dream. Where else can you reach such high penetration to highly qualified prospects at zero cost per click?

While natural listings in Google deliver millions in sales to some of the Web’s savviest retailers, most Web sites are not properly designed to reach this market. How can you adjust or revamp your site so Google will love it?

Join Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts, during this rich presentation to learn the essential strategies of putting Google to work for your Web site. You’ll learn the secrets of how to:

  • Check your “Google pulse”
  • Estimate missed opportunity costs
  • Ensure Google crawls 100% of your site, including dynamic pages
  • Design your pages to dominate rankings
  • Avoid getting banned by Google
  • Prepare for changes soon to come in the search engine industry
  • …and much more!

Email Marketing – Beating the Deliverability Crisis

As consumers rely more heavily on spam filters, the e-mail marketer’s dilemma is nearing a breaking point. Soon only 50% of your consumers will receive your e-mails! What are the major factors influencing your own deliverability challenges? This session will reveal ways to assess your vendors’ network reputation, best practices for designing spam filter-friendly e-mails, how to get whitelisted with major ISPs, and where e-mail marketers go from here.

Topics include:

  • Understanding whitelisting criteria for ISPs such as AOL and Yahoo!
  • Secrets to monitoring your own spam record — and your e-mail vendor’s
  • Tactics for making your e-mails filter-friendly while complying with the law

An Experienced Speaker

Stephan has traveled the globe – Berlin, London, Toronto, Santiago, Auckland, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and places in between – speaking at countless events for organizations such as IIR, Internet World, IQPC, the DMA, the AMA and SMEI. The delegates write in glowing terms:

I attended a workshop by Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts on website auditing at the Beauty Online conference. The workshop was comprehensive and illuminating. I was very impressed. Stephan Spencer is very knowledgeable and an expert in the field. If you decide to meet with him, you will not be disappointed.

– Gilles Kortzagadarian, Manager of E-commerce and Direct Marketing, Christian Dior Perfumes, Inc.

Stephan is one of those rare individuals who has been in the trenches and done the work, yet can see over the horizon and recognize what’s coming. The fact that he’s an engaging speaker is a bonus.

– Jim Sterne, author of 7 books on Internet marketing and professional speaker,

As author of Google Guide and How to Do Everything with Google, I was pleased (and surprised) at how much I learned from Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts on how to optimize and generate more revenue and bring more traffic to my sites.

– Nancy Blachman, author and developer of Google Guide & co-author of How To Do Everything With Google

I walked out of the workshop with a better understanding of what SEO was, and some hints on how our marketing staff could optimize our website for search. But the biggest thing I learned from the workshop was that we shouldn’t do it ourselves. If you want results, then you hire experts and that’s what we did.

– Nathan McNabb, Marketing Manager, SecureWorks

Stephan Spencer is the guru of the SEO world. There is no question he can’t answer, no problem he can’t find a solution for and all of this is done in a very professional manner. Search engine optimisation is like abseiling of a cliff… the first step isn’t easy but once you’re over the edge you will definitely enjoy the ride! In this ever changing environment there is no way you can ever keep up, Stephan will provide you with all you need to make sure your website is not lost in the other 5,590,000 pages!

– Darren Levy, Programme & Marketing Co-ordinator, University of Auckland Business School, Executive Programmes – Short Courses

After conducting more than 100 webcasts each year, the AMA worked with GravityMail / Netconcepts to deliver a record-breaking turnout with nearly 2500 marketers enrolled. â??The content developed by Stephan Spencer resonated well with the marketing audience by translating the technical jargon of search engine optimization into terms that every marketer responds to: how to turn out high rankings on Google.

– Lynette Rowlands, Marketing Manager, American Marketing Association

Stephan has the ability to connect with a non technical audience and inspire them about the possibilities that web site optimisation and email marketing can deliver.

Stephan’s workshop at our recent Microsoft-sponsored “e-Nabling Business” seminar provided attendees with:

  • a greater understanding of the way the web works
  • a clear idea of where site traffic comes from and what visitors are searching for
  • a certainty that their sites will be found by search engines and visitors alike if they follow best practice
  • a greater understanding of how to build long term business value

If you only take one workshop a year then this is the one I would recommend to all business owners looking to maximise their marketing spend.

– Warwick Grey, Small Business Manager, Microsoft New Zealand

Stephan draws really great feedback, consistently gaining speaker ratings of 4+ out of 5:

“Scores are rated on the basis of performance and on a 1 to 5 scale where “5” is equal to excellent and “1” to poor, the averages ranged from 3.0 to 4.8. Your score was 4.8. It was a pleasure working with you. We are entertaining the thought of organizing another Beauty Online conference next year and would certainly welcome you back as a key participant.”
– Lisa Michelle Fuchs, Conference Director, IQPC

Effectiveness 4.6 / Communication 4.5 / Preparedness 4.7 / Overall Workshop 4.5
You were the highest rated workshop at eFood 2000. Due to your great evaluations, I would like to invite you back as a workshop leader in the upcoming eFood East conference in June. I think you would do an incredible job again at the next event.
– Jeanne Lissak, Conference Director

Your workshop was rated: Effectiveness 4.8 / Communication 4.6 / Preparedness 4.9 (bravo!) / Overall workshop 4.6
– Laura Hibbler Conference Director, IQPC

Stephan’s Search Engine Marketing workshop scored 4.7 for presentation skills, 4.9 for knowledge of topic, 4.8 for overall content and 4.8 for new/useful information, with attendee comments like: Best session of the day. Stephan provided excellent ideas and suggestions for doing your own search engine marketing. This was a great session! I learned so much and the presenter is very captivating. Invaluable information. Excellent.

In his workshop on Leveraging Search Engines to Market and Advertise workshop, he scored 4.4 for presentation skills, 4.4 for knowledge of topic, 4.3 for overall content and 3.9 for new/useful information. Attendees said: Clear, concise and focused on content. Expert yet approachable. Insanely knowledgeable on topic. Extremely good information you can use right away. Excellent session; much more informative than most “vendor” panels.

Stephan’s third Session at Internet World Essentials 2003 on Viral E-Mail Marketing scored 4.5 for presentation skills, 4.5 for knowledge of topic, 4.3 for overall content and 4.1 for new/useful information. Attendees evaluated his performance: “Opened my eyes!” “Obviously an expert in his field.” “Didn’t push his own products/services; kept it focused on the relevant material.” “Very good speaker.” “Stephan Spencer did a great job with his presentation. After attending his first session, I made sure to attend all his other sessions.” “Stephan gave me some powerful tools to give to my clients. Excellent presentation!”
– Internet World Essentials 2003

At IQPC’s Call Center Net conference he scored 4.2 for presentation and 4.9 for workshop, and attracted feedback: “Very insightful; valuable information. Gave great suggestions. Excellent and thorough content.” Workshop rated 4.5 for content, 4.17 for delivery, 4.83 for value and 4.5 overall.
– Business to Business Marketing on the Internet, Institute for International Research, New York

This is what his audiences say:
One of the best presentations of the seminar. Very valuable stuff I can implement immediately.” “The only presenter to actually ask the audience.” “I was impressed how he pre-qualified his audience before starting his presentation.” “Fun presentation style.” “Great! Lots of useful info. Could have had his own 3-day presentation. Best & most valuable presentation/ information of seminar.
– University of Wisconsin-Madison Marketing Communications Program

Fun! Different stuff. An educational session even though the guy was quite narrow in focus – he was creative and dead smart. Good humor.” “Rally enjoyed this.” “Knows his stuff. I’ve heard him before but he’s consistently useful.
– Institute for International Research, Auckland, New Zealand

Your presentation was killer, literally one of the best AMA presentations I’ve attended EVER. Furthermore, you follow up with Chuck-Full-Of-Best-Practices/Killer Content below! Awesome! When the humble Personamix corporation grows beyond a small shop with available marketing dollars we’ll be sure to purchase your consultative services.
– David Daniels

The Google seminar was very informative, and six of us all learned tips and tricks that will help us in our professional use.
– Amy K. Anderson, PC Division Market Intelligence, IBM Corporation

Stephan can really draw audiences. His recent “7 Ways to increase your Google ranking” was the highest-attended webcast ever mounted by the American Marketing Association.

â??Excellent hour! I’d wager there were more colleges and universities among the 2300 participants than you or the AMA would ever guess. I’d appreciate a copy of the program when convenient. Thanks for your time and energy.
– Michael

I participated in your Webex seminar today about 7 Ways to increase your Google rankings. I would like to request a copy of the presentation if possible. This will be a great resource for our marketing needs. Thanks!
– Inese

Many more unsolicited comments on the quality of the content and presentation of this webcast can be found at

Professional Speaking Engagements

DMA 08 Conference & Expo, Las Vegas, NV – October 13, 2008
Blog Monetization: From Soup to Nuts

SES Toronto , Toronto, Canada – June 18, 2008
Social Media Success

Internet Retailer 2008, Chicago, IL – June 11, 2008
Web Site Design Spotlight: Live, On-the-spot Critique of Retailers’ Sites

SMX Advanced, Seattle, WA – June 3-4, 2008
Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques
Bot Herding
Buying Sites For SEO
Give It Up!
Diagnosing Web Site Architecture Issues

ACCM 08, Orlando, FL – May 19, 2008
Secrets for Getting More & Better Links for Higher Search Rankings

Web 2.0 Expo, San Francisco, CA – April 22-23, 2008
Free Traffic: SEO/SMO 101 (Search Engine & Social Media Optimization)
Best-kept Secrets to SEO Success: the Art and the Science

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminars, Online – March 27, 2008
Advanced Tactics in SEO: Part Art, Part Science

AMA Marketing Workshop, St Pete Beach, FL – March 10, 2008
Getting Google to Love Your Website

Lorman Education Teleconferences, online – March 4, 2008
Website Metrics and ROI: Getting the Most out of Your Online Marketing Spend

SMX West, Santa Clara, CA – February 26-28, 2008
SEO 2.0 For Web 2.0 Sites
Unraveling URLs & Demystifying Domains

THE Conference on Marketing, Naples, FL – February 5, 2008
Best Kept Secrets for Search Marketing Success Strategy and Innovation Forum, Orlando, FL – January 23, 2008
Driving Engagement Through Widgets and Gadgets

UW Wisconsin Madison, Executive Education, Interactive Marketing, Madison, WI – November 13, 2007
Interactive Marketing: Reaching Customers

AMA Hot Topic: Search Engine Marketing, Chicago, IL – November 2, 2007
Inside the Head of the Searcher

SMX Social Media, New York, NY – October 17th, 2007
Wikipedia Clinic
Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers & Answer Sharing

DMA 07 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL – October 16th, 2007
Desperately Seeking Links: Baiting, Buying, and Socializing for Links

eComXpo, Online – October 10, 2007
Wikipedia & SEO Annual Summit 2007, Las Vegas, NV – September 18-19, 2007
Advanced Search Tactics: Part Art, Part Science
Ecommerce Clinic: Link Building and Social Media

Stanford University Tech Briefings, Palo Alto, CA – August 24, 2007
7 Secrets to High Google Rankings

Search Engine Strategies, San Jose, CA – August 22-23, 2007
SEO Through Blogs & Feeds
Wikipedia & SEO

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – June 28, 2007
SEO for Really Big Websites

Newspaper Association of America Webinar, Online – June 26, 2007
Make the Most of Your Web Site with SEO

American Marketing Association’s Hot Topic: Search Engine Marketing, Chicago, IL – June 22, 2007
Inside the Head of the Searcher
Organic Search Is All About the Links

University of Wisconsin Executive Education – Interactive Marketing, Madison, WI – June 18, 2007
Reaching Customers

Search Engine Strategies 2007 Canada, Toronto, CA – June 12, 2007
RSS, Blogs & Podcasts: Successful Syndication Tips

SMX Advanced, Seattle, WA – June 5, 2007
Give It Up!

American Marketing Association’s Hot Topic: Search Engine Marketing, New York, NY – May 25, 2007
Inside the Head of the Searcher
Organic Search Is All About the Links

ACCM 2007, Boston, MA – May 21, 2007
Making Blogging and RSS Pay Off

American Marketing Association’s Hot Topic: Search Engine Marketing, San Francisco, CA – April 20, 2007
Organic Search Is All About the Links
Inside the Head of the Searcher

Web 2.0 Expo, San Francisco, CA – April 18, 2007
The Need for Feeds: Understanding RSS & Blog Marketing

Search Engine Strategies, New York, NY – April 12, 2007
Wikipedia & SEO- Social Search Track
SEO Through Blogs & Feeds

Search Engine Room, Sydney, Australia – March 21, 2007
Search Monetization Strategies
Not Quite Search Marketing 101

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – February 8, 2007
Search Marketing Essentials for Online Retailers

Search Engine Strategies, Chicago, IL – December 6, 2006
Blog & Feed Search SEO

eComXpo Virtual Trade Show, Online – October 24, 2006
Link Building Your Way to the Top of the Rankings

University of Wisconsin Executive Education – Integrated Customer Communications, Madison, WI – October 17, 2006
Interactive Marketing

DMA Annual Conference 06, San Francisco, CA – October 16, 2006
Blogs, Podcasts and RSS: New Tools for Customer Acquisition and CRM Annual Summit, New York, NY – October 10, 2006
Vertical Search

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – September 28, 2006
Getting Google to Love Your Website…Again

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – August 24, 2006
Success with Email Marketing Campaigns: 10 Campaigns Critiqued for Best and Worst Practices

Search Engine Strategies, San Jose, CA – August 8, 2006
Blog & Feed Search SEO

Professional Association of Innkeepers International 2006 Annual Convention, Phoenix, AZ – April 3, 2006
Blogging for Business
Getting Started with Email Marketing
Advanced Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Strategic Branding, Auckland, NZ – March 27, 2006
Beyond the Banner: New Ways to Brand in the Online Channel

9th Annual Strategic Communications and PR Forum, Auckland, NZ – March 20, 2006
Leveraging Digital Communication Technology – New Opportunities

Search Engine Strategies, New York, NY – February 28, 2006
Blog & Feed Search SEO

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – February 16, 2006
Inside Secrets to Building Links for Online Publicity, Buzz and SEO

Search Engine Strategies, Chicago, IL – December 6, 2005
RSS, Blogs & Search Marketing

University of Wisconsin Executive Education – Integrated Customer Communications, Madison, WI – November 28, 2005
Interactive Marketing: Reaching Customers in an On-Demand World

DMA Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA – October 18, 2005
Emerging Technologies: How Direct Marketers Can Capitalize on Innovations

Leveraging Technology in Marketing, Auckland, NZ – September 27, 2005
Spreading Your Message the Simple Way – RSS in Practice
Achieving Search Success Annual Summit, Las Vegas, NV – September 13, 2005
Alternative Marketing Case Study: What Happened When Etailers Dove into Blogs, Podcasting and RSS

Successful Online Advertising, Auckland, NZ – August 23, 2005
What Does Search Offer?
How to Optimize a Paid Search Campaign

Search Engine Strategies, San Jose, CA – August 9, 2005
RSS, Blogs, And Search Marketing

eTail East 2005, Philadelphia – August 2, 2005
Natural Search Optimization and Website Development Clinic

Frost and Sullivan: Sales and Marketing East, Boston – July 21, 2005
Leveraging the Explosive New Blogging Trend in Your Integrated Marketing Mix

University of Wisconsin Executive Education – Integrated Customer Communications, Madison, WI – June 30, 2005
Interactive Marketing: Reaching Customers in an On-Demand World

Annual Catalog Conference, Orlando, Florida – May 23, 2005
Multichannel Marketing Power Forum & Meet the Speakers Brunch

Search Engine Room, Sydney, Australia – April 12, 2005
Search Engine Optimisation – Black Art or Sweet Science?

Strategic Branding, Auckland, New Zealand – March 30, 2005
Traditional Vehicle, New Channel – Internet Word of Mouth Marketing

Catalog Age Webinar, Online – March 9, 2005
Natural (Organic) Search Engine Optimization: Hard Facts, Real Lessons, Insider Secrets

EMA Fresh Network Technology Breakfast, Auckland – March 9, 2005
Global Village: Instant Opportunities Now

Search Engine Strategies, New York – March 1, 2005
Web Feeds, Blogs & Search

American Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Auckland, New Zealand – December 7, 2004
Cracking the US Market

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – November 18, 2004
Maximizing Your "Natural Search" Channel: SEO That Really Works

Auckland Chamber of Commerce e-Nabling Business, Auckland, New Zealand – October 13, 2004
Integrating Email Marketing and SEO Into Your Marketing Mix

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – September 15, 2004
Make Google Your Most Powerful Market Research Tool

DMA Brainy Breakfast, Auckland, New Zealand – May 27, 2004
Getting Google to Love Your Website

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminar, Online – April 27, 2004
Get Google to Love Your Website

American Marketing Association Webcast, Online – February 12, 2004
7 Secrets to High Google Rankings: Getting Google to Love Your Website

New Zealand DMA workshop, Auckland, NZ – October 7, 2003
Internet Marketing workshop

Marketing Today (New Zealand DMA annual conference), Auckland, NZ – June 17, 2003
Evaluating and Auditing Your Website
Internet Marketing workshop

Annual Catalog Conference 2003, San Francisco, CA – June 2, 2003
Search Engine Marketing: Top Ideas That Guarantee Results (DMA / AIM), Miami, FL – May 7, 2003
50 Breakthrough Search Marketing Ideas for Winning Skyrocketing Site Traffic

Internet World Essentials, San Jose, CA – April 14 & 15, 2003
Viral E-Mail Marketing Workshop,
Search Engine Marketing Workshop
Leveraging Search Engines to Market and Advertise

American Marketing Association Webcast, Online – March 17, 2003
Email Marketing: Rising Above the Inbox Noise

An archive of Stephan’s presentations to more than 70 conferences and events during 1995-2002 can be found at

A Recognized Writer

Stephan never “sells” himself or his company in any of his presentations, or in the articles he writes. He is a Senior Contributor (online seminar presenter and author) to MarketingProfs, and has contributed to various magazines such as Catalog Age, Unlimited (an IDG publication), NZ Marketing, and Building Online Business. He is also co-author of the internationally acclaimed analyst report The State of Search Engine Marketing 1.0 – New Strategies for Successful Cataloging, published by Catalog Age.

Internet Marketing Articles

SEO in the World of Web 2.0 (Catalog Success)

Deconstructing Grouped Google Results (Search Engine Land)

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and more can be viewed at .


Stephan’s love for writing extends to blogging. Stephan actively contributes to CNET’s Searchlight SEO Blog, MarketingProfs’ Daily Fix, Blog, and Business Blog Consulting, as well as his own blog at His personal blog is a great place to learn more about Stephan and to get inside his head a bit. Stephan’s blog posts are chock full of practical advice and insightful observations, not just a recap of the news that everyone else is already blogging.

Why is Stephan blogging?

For several reasons:
He loves sharing knowledge. Anyone who’s ever attended one of his seminars can attest to that. â??I want to practice what I preach – and I preach a lot about blogs and their importance to businesses. Blogging is transforming the Internet into an interconnected web of conversations. These conversations are spread through RSS, trackbacks, and podcasts. In my opinion, companies that don’t join the conversation will be squandering a huge opportunity to connect with their market.

Who else has caught the blogging bug from Stephan?

As a means of raising the profile of The Carter Center and driving traffic to our Web site, Stephan Spencer suggested that President Carter write a blog. We took that suggestion, developed a strategy around a trip to the West African countries of Togo, Ghana, and Mali, and posted regular blogs from President Carter (with photos, sidebars and news stories, and links to related material on our site) over the course of eight days.

We are grateful to Stephan for planting the seed for one of the most successful Web projects The Carter Center has undertaken to-date.

– Connie Nelson, Office of Public Information, Communications Specialist, The Carter Center


Stephan has been helping companies exploit commerce opportunities online since 1995. Clients include Discovery Channel, REI, Verizon, AOL, Gorton’s, Kohl’s, Cabela’s, InfoSpace, The Sharper Image, Wella, and Hanes Brands, to name-drop a few.

Stephan was one of the early Web marketing pioneers. He started Netconcepts in 1995 and grew it from a one-person Internet consultancy to what it now a multi-national interactive agency, with its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin and production offices in New Zealand. Prior to founding Netconcepts, Stephan was a PhD student in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 1994, he decided to ride the Internet wave to riches and early retirement (hmm… he’s still working! What does that say?) and dropped out of his PhD program (but stuck it out the few extra months required to walk away with a Master’s). In early 1995, with no capital, a family of five to support, and no formal university training in management or marketing, he opened the doors at his newly formed company.

For five years he operated Netconcepts out of Madison, Wisconsin, during that time servicing clients from all over the U.S. After the initial rapport building, he found in-person meetings to be unnecessary to get the job done. Eventually, after so many people commenting to him, “Oh, you’re in the Internet business. You could do that from anywhere, couldn’t you?” it finally dawned on Stephan that he actually could. So, after much discussion with his wife and children and several reconnaissance trips to New Zealand, the family packed up and moved to New Zealand in 1999.

“It’s been a life-changing experience, one I don’t regret for a minute,” Stephan asserts. His Madison office continues to serve as the company headquarters and as the center for account management, sales, and marketing activities. The Auckland office (which is a block from the beach, you may be interested to know!), serves as the production office. Between the two offices, his staff (who number in the dozens) cover 20 hours out of the 24 hour day. What could be more convenient than an agency that doesn’t sleep?

Stephan and his family moved back to Madison, Wisconsin in 2007. The New Zealand operation is still going strong, but now with Stephan based again in the U.S., he is much more available for U.S.-based speaking engagements.


Stephanie Crain, Director of Education, American Marketing Association
phone: 312-542-9068

Roy Young, Director of Premium Membership, MarketingProfs
phone: 310-203-8879

Keith Norris, Chief Executive, New Zealand DMA
phone: +64 9 303-9472

Willis Turner, President & CEO, Sales & Marketing Executives International
phone: 800-999-1414 ext 201

Jim Sterne, author & speaker, Target Marketing of Santa Barbara
phone: 805-965-3184

Nancy Blachman, author & speaker, Google Guide
phone: (furnished upon request)


Stephan M. Spencer

2820 Walton Commons West, Suite 123
Madison, WI 53718

ofc: 608-285-6600
cell: 608-209-2595
fax: 608-285-6601