Charles Coxhead

Charles Coxhead

Vice President, New Zealand
New Zealand Office:
Netconcepts Ltd.
36 Anzac Road
Browns Bay, Auckland
phone: +64 (9) 476-4601
fax: +64 (9) 353-1414 or (847) 745-0355 (from the U.S.)


Biographical Statement

Leading the delivery team for New Zealand clients Charles brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience with a particular focus on developing businesses on the web.

Building on an early career in B2B sales and marketing in Australia and New Zealand, Charles turned to the web in the 90’s as the full impact of the internet was beginning to be felt. Since then he has lead the development of web based solutions for Fortune 500 corporations in Australia and the US, and more recently marketed New Zealand’s largest travel agency site,, twice winning the coveted NetGuide Best Travel Site award.

To indulge his passion for emerging web technologies Charles has also developed many web services, pioneering in the RSS space with early news syndication and RSS management services, as well as participating heavily in the early days of the emerging blogosphere with one of the first independent blog directories, and blog tracking services, both still in operation today