Who We Are

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Netconcepts is an SEO consulting and technology company specializing in helping our clients have search engine optimal web sites and applications. We provide expert advice and services in all aspects of natural search marketing and ebusiness.

We’ve been helping companies and organizations exploit communication and business opportunities online since 1995.

How We Got To Where We Are Today

Company President, Stephan Spencer, founded Internet Concepts, LLC in January 1995 in Madison, Wisconsin. Four years later he founded Netconcepts Ltd in New Zealand and moved design and production there.

Since then our small but experienced team has been providing e-business services to an ever-expanding customer base in the U.S. Australasia, and China.

The company’s expertise has been driven by website development services, with particular strengths in search engine optimized ecommerce websites. Our commitment has always been to offering our clients innovative solutions and informed advice about making the most of current best practices for natural search.

This commitment that has brought us to a point where we have the tools and experience you need to maximize returns on your e-business investment.

Netconcepts in a Nutshell

  • Name: Netconcepts, LLC
  • Headquarters: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • Regional Offices: Auckland, New Zealand and Beijing, China
  • Founded: 1995