Using the Internet for Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence: PDMA Spring Conference — Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

April 4th, 1997

Seminar by

  • Tapping into your competitors
  • Benchmarking web site performance
  • Competitor profiles & news
  • Counterintelligence on your web site

Internet Video (panel)

Spring Internet World — Los Angeles, CA

March 12th, 1997

Panel Moderated by

Deploying video over today’s Internet is like teaching a dog to sing – it’s unpleasant and it annoys the dog. Nevertheless, advances in compression technology, new bandwidth reservation protocols, streaming techniques and the promise of more robust backbones and higher-capacity delivery systems make it likely to arrive sooner than you think. See the state-of-the-art today and find out what the videonet of the future might look like.

Leveraging the Multimedia Capabilities of the Net

How To Market Educational Programs on the Net (IQPC) — Chicago, IL

September 27th, 1995

Seminar by

  • Importance of multimedia in “selling” your message
  • Images & image maps
  • Sound & video (QuickTime, MPEG, Ulaw, etc.)
  • Adobe Acrobat (portable documents)
  • 3-D viewer applications (Kinemage, etc.)
  • Effectiveness of multimedia on the Net vs. other media:
    CD-ROMs, video tapes, audio tapes