Best-kept Secrets to SEO Success: the Art and the Science

Web 2.0 Expo — San Francisco, CA

April 23rd, 2008

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This session isn’t about SEO fundamentals. You won’t learn why links are important for rankings; you won’t learn how to justify SEO to your boss. What you will learn is how to take your search engine optimization skillset to the next level, even if you’re already a savvy search marketer. SEO expert Stephan Spencer opens up his toolkit to share insightful information that demonstrates each tool in action using audience members’ sites.

If you want the “secret sauce” to rocketing past your competitors in the search results, this session is for you.

  • Learn how to gain higher rankings through “The Long Tail,” blogs, social networks, widgets, APIs, spiders, and more
  • Obtain the tools and techniques to “reverse engineer” competing sites that outperform yours in Google

Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers & Answer Sharing

SMX Social Media — Long Beach, CA

April 23rd, 2008


Web users rely on community-contributed-content sites such as Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers. These sites enable you to communicate directly with an engaged audience. But contribute to the conversation with care. Too much spin and you’re credibility will be shot-and your brand damaged. You’ll come away from this session knowing how these influential sites work and how to participate constructively.

Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

Lise Broer “Durova”, Administrator, Wikipedia
Jonathan Hochman, Founder/President, Hochman Consultants
Matt McGee, SEO Manager, Marchex
Jeff Muendel, Search and Online Marketing Analyst, Netconcepts

Wikipedia Clinic

SMX Social Media — Long Beach, CA

April 23rd, 2008


Wikipedia is powerful. Concerned about how your company or service is portrayed? Wikipedia experts answer your questions and take you live to the site for advice on how to interact with the service.

Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

Lise Broer “Durova”, Administrator, Wikipedia
Jonathan Hochman, Founder/President, Hochman Consultants
Jeff Muendel, Search and Online Marketing Analyst, Netconcepts

Free Traffic: SEO/SMO 101 (Search Engine & Social Media Optimization)

Web 2.0 Expo — San Francisco, CA

April 22nd, 2008

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This workshop will cover the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). The workshop will focus on how to acquire unpaid (aka â??organicâ??) web site visitors from search engines like Google & Yahoo, as well as from social networking & social media sites like Digg, MySpace, Facebook, & YouTube.

Workshop Presenters:
Stephan Spencer, Netconcepts
Muhammad Saleem, Advantage Consulting Services (ACS)

Advanced Tactics in SEO: Part Art, Part Science

MarketingProfs Virtual Seminars — Online

March 27th, 2008

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Ever wonder what the SEO pros know that you don’t? What tools they use every day that you don’t even know exist?

This virtual seminar isn’t about search engine optimization fundamentals. You won’t learn why links are important for rankings; you won’t learn how to justify SEO to your boss. What you will learn is how to take your search engine optimization skill set to the next level, even if you’re already a savvy search marketer.

Two renowned search marketing gurus will open up their toolkits, unveiling and demonstrating powerful tools and immediately actionable tactics. If it’s not practical, it won’t be in this seminar!


  • How to gain higher rankings through Web 2.0, â??The Long Tail,â?? blogs, social networks, widgets, APIs, spiders, and more
  • The tools and techniques to â??reverse engineerâ?? competing sites that outperform yours in Google
  • Well-kept secrets that only the top SEO pros know
  • How to take your search engine optimization skillset to the next level, even if you’re already a savvy search marketer

This session is for any marketer who wants in on the â??secret sauceâ?? to rocket past your competitors in the search results. A technical background is definitely not required, but helpful.

Stephan Spencer, founder and president of Netconcepts
Rand Fishkin, co-founder and CEO of SEOmoz

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Getting Google to Love Your Website

AMA Marketing Workshop — St Pete Beach, FL

March 10th, 2008

Workshop by

During this rich presentation, spanning Search Engine Optimization fundamentals as well as advanced tricks and tactics that only the elite SEO experts know, you’ll learn how to…

  • Check your “Google Pulse”
  • Estimate missed opportunity costs
  • Ensure Google crawls 100% of your site, including dynamic pages
  • Design your pages to dominate rankings
  • Avoid getting banned by Google
  • Wield invaluable SEO tools you’ve not yet heard of
  • Build high-quality links from trusted sites, and boost your PageRank along with your rankings
  • Prepare for changes to come… and so much more!

Integrated Email Marketing and Online Communications

BrightStar Training — Wellington, NZ and Auckland, NZ

March 10th and 11th (Wellington) and March 17th and 18th (Auckland)

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Is your email marketing right on target?
Do you want to improve open rates and conversion rates?
Do your customers view your email communications as spam?
Do you know how to use RSS and blogging to complement your email marketing and online communication efforts?

The value of email marketing in New Zealand has been growing steadily over the years. Not surprisingly email marketing and online communications are the most popular media of choice now, particularly email marketing.

Email is a powerful marketing tool and it integrates well with traditional media. It spurs immediate action, thus generating direct sales, registrations, growth of database and more. It is also more cost effective than paper-based direct mail and achieves greater ROI. However, it is wrought with challenges. And with the passing of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act, it’s important for organisations to ensure compliance whilst developing their marketing plans.

Integrated Email Marketing and Online Communications takes a practical approach to ensure continued acquisition, growth and retention of customers through targeted, robust, tried and tested strategies to help lift your email marketing strategies. To help you gain the upper hand over your competition, the course also covers some popular online communications tools that you could implement to supplement your email marketing strategy.

Digital Communications — Email Marketing, Online and Offline Media
Customers today have more choice available than ever before of how they are communicated with. Customers ultimately want to control the frequency, the content and how they receive their communications. This session covers how email fits within the full marketing mix and how it integrates with other online and offline media.

  • What are digital communications?
  • How do digital communications fit within the full marketing mix?
  • Marketing through email, RSS, blogging, txt, websites
  • Platforms â?? desktop computers, mobile devices
  • Integration with other online media
  • Integration with offline direct marketing

Developing an Email Strategy
Many companies spend a lot of time, effort and budget acquiring email addresses, but neglect to develop an effective communication strategy once they have them. Youâ??ll learn to develop strategic communication plans to maximise the potential for robust marketing strategies through this session.

  • Developing the digital communication strategic plan
  • Objectives, strategies and tactical elements
  • Understanding the email marketing and digital communications
  • How to integrate email marketing into other online and offline media

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act: Your Legal Obligations
Understand and ensure that your organisation meets the requirements of the Electronic Messages Act 2007.

  • Definition of spam
  • Definition of permission levels
  • Permission vs. memorable permission
  • Industry guidelines and best practices
  • How will the Act affect your marketing plans?
  • What are the penalties and costs associated with breaches?
  • How tight is the current legislation â?? what are the ways around it?
  • How to ensure compliance
  • International spam laws â?? do they apply to companies in NZ?

Data Management: Building and Maintaining a List
Data is at the heart of any form of direct marketing including “email”. It pays to identify the data that you need to collect in order to personalise communications and provide effective reporting.

  • Structuring your database â?? what type of data do you need?
  • What are the reporting data requirements?
  • “Quantity” vs. “Quality” â?? retaining the active subscriber
  • Cleaning and maintaining data â?? changes, adds, deletes, fixing misspellings
  • What is â??provable permissionâ?? â?? recording and time stamping of permission received
  • “Offline permission” â?? how to record permission granted through the call centre, trade shows, network meeting and face-to-face sales activity
  • Managing permission across an organisation

In-House or Outsource â?? Assessing Email Service Providers
Finding the right email service provider is a critical choice for any company. You will explore and learn ways to find the right vendor and technology to manage your campaigns now and into the future through this session.

  • How to assess your needs
  • Questions you should be asking
  • Assessing email service providers in NZ and overseas
  • Liaising with your email service provider

Winning Creative Strategies & Execution for Email
Create email messages that stand out, get read and get the response you plan for.

  • “Memorable permission” â?? planning content your subscribers actually want to read
  • Exploring the 19 creative elements (the from line â?? email brand value, the subject line, the preview pane, position of logo, ratio of text to images, design layout, number and type of links, navigation bar, inclusion of photography, feature offers, location of call-to-action, the words you use and personalisation etc.)
  • Email mandatories
  • What are the technical specifications?
  • Designing effective landing pages and forms
  • Use of rich media â?? video and audio
  • Eyetracking and multivariate testing

Increasing Conversion Rates
This session covers how to use data to improve conversions such as open rates, click rates, inquiries and sales.

  • Reporting data
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Event triggered campaigns

Deliverability, Filters and Rendering
Learn techniques to avoid the dreaded “spam” folder and “report spam” button.

  • Data collection and tracking
  • Filters and list management
  • Deliverability reporting codes â?? messages sent back from ISPs
  • About false positives
  • Whitelisting â?? how to get your message delivered every single time
  • Image suppression â?? whatâ??s getting delivered?
  • Authentication and reputation
  • Rendering your message in email readers

RSS â?? Spam Free Communications
Is RSS the holy grail of online communications? Lean how to send communications that are completely spam free.

  • What is RSS and why use it?
  • What are some of the popular RSS readers available?
  • iRSS â?? individualized RSS, sending personalised communications just like email
  • Content distribution and syndication

Blogging â?? Participating in the Ongoing Conversation

  • The New Zealand and international blogospheres
  • Starting a blog – how to choose a theme
  • Posting content â?? what, how, when
  • Dealing with comments
  • Making friends â?? increase your presence in the blogosphere
  • Integrating your blog with email and RSS
  • Use of video (vlogging) and audio (podcasting)
  • Reporting on performance

Website Metrics and ROI: Getting the Most out of Your Online Marketing Spend

Lorman Education Teleconferences — online

March 4th, 2008

Seminar by

In this teleseminar, learn what to measure, including…

  • Abandonment metrics – for uncovering why visitors are leaving your site prematurely
  • Conversion metrics – for insight into your acquisition funnel
  • Retention metrics – for boosting your customer retention
  • Search engine metrics – for obtaining the best return on your search marketing investment
  • Email marketing metrics – for achieving the highest response rates from your email campaigns

Is your web site successful? Is your online marketing — including your SEO, paid search ads, email campaigns — all working, and how can you find out? The answer lies in metrics. It’s hard to improve upon something you’re not measuring. You could drop $100,000 on a high-end web analytics package. But if you don’t have a staffer dedicated to making sense of all those reports and taking some sort action as a result, it’s wasted money. Better to spend $10,000 on a lesser web analytics solution and $90,000 for a salary to employ someone highly skilled in web analytics. In fact, you’d be surprised the powerful tools you can get for free (and yes, we’ll go over some of the most exciting ones during the teleseminar). However, right now your first investment should be in signing up for this teleseminar.

Stephan Spencer — Founder and President, Netconcepts
Avinash Kaushik — Author, Speaker and Analytics Evangelist

Unraveling URLs & Demystifying Domains

SMX West — Santa Clara, CA

February 28th, 2008


Can you find the same page on your site using different URLs? That might cause you duplicate content issues. Does your content management system put out parameters that block crawling? Own multiple domains pointing at the same site? Are you 301 redirecting them or leaving canonicalization to chance? Confused on even how to pronounce canonicalization, in addition to now being worried about it? Relax. This session looks at a variety of URL and domain name issues you should consider to increase your success with SEO.

Moderator: Detlev Johnson, CEO, Search Return

Brian Combs, Founder and Senior Vice President, Apogee Search
Cindy Krum, Senior SEO Analyst, Blue Moon Works, Inc.
Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts
Navneet Virk, Director of Search Marketing, Roundarch

SEO 2.0 For Web 2.0 Sites

SMX West — Santa Clara, CA

February 27th, 2008

Moderated by

If SEO 1.0 is about ensuring that 1990s-era web design techniques (such as tables and frames) are modified to minimize search engine ranking issues, then Web 2.0 is all about addressing how you can make your sites search-engine friendly with new technology. CSS, AJAX and other dynamic design techniques can give search engines fits; SEO 2.0 is all about ensuring that Web 2.0 sites are as search engine friendly as Web 1.0 sites.

Moderator: Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts

Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Creative Director,
Shari Thurow, Founder and SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive
Nathan Buggia, Lead Program Manager, Live Search Webmaster Central, Microsoft