What’s New With Retailers & Search Marketing

SMX East — New York, NY

October 6th, 2008


What’s new and exciting in terms of tactics for retailers to show up in shopping search results? This session provides a review.

Moderator: Allan Dick, Owner, Vintage Tub & Bath

Vic Dabricky, TBA, Range Online Media
Greg Hintz, tba, Yahoo!
Ken Jurina, President, Epiar
Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts

Searching for Users: SEO as an Engine for Customer Acquisition

Startonomics — San Francisco, CA

October 2nd, 2008

Seminar by

Learn SEO strategies and techniques for acquiring startup users & customers from search engines, links, & blogging.

Search Engine Optimization, SEM & New Media

Blog World Expo — Las Vegas, NV

September 19th, 2008


Brian Clark, Copyblogger
Michael Gray, Atlas Web Service
Lee Odden, TopRank
Stephan Spencer, Netconcepts

The Best-kept Secrets to Search Engine Optimization Success

Web 2.0 Expo NY — New York, NY

September 18th, 2008

Seminar by

This session isnâ??t about SEO fundamentals. You won’t learn why links are important for rankings; you won’t learn how to justify SEO to your boss. What you will learn is how to take your search engine optimization skillset to the next level, even if you’re already a savvy search marketer. SEO expert Stephan Spencer opens up his toolkit to share insightful information that demonstrates each tool in action using audience members’ sites.

If you want the “secret sauce” to rocketing past your competitors in the search results, this session is for you.

  • Learn how to gain higher rankings through “The Long Tail,” blogs, social networks, widgets, APIs, spiders, and more
  • Obtain the tools and techniques to “reverse engineer” competing sites that outperform yours in Google

24+ Specific Things You Can Do To Make More Money Next Week Annual Summit — Las Vegas, NV

September 17th, 2008


Forget the grand strategy talks; ignore the expensive, time-consuming software implementations; discard the hard-to-measure long-term plans – this session is about specific, actionable tactics you can use to make money NOW. Our panel of experts are going to give you killer tips to improve your Paid Search, Natural Search, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Web 2.0, Shopping Feeds, Technology Issues, and Site Optimization. Weâ??re going to be moving fast so we will have a handout for session attendees with all of the gory details. This is the session you want to attend if you want to get your hands dirty and improve the bottom line. It will also help you convince your boss that you came to the Summit to make money — not just party in Vegas.

Allan Dick, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Plumbing Evangelist, Vintage Tub and Bath

Sam Decker, CMO, Bazaarvoice
Todd Friesen, SEO Ninja, Todd Friesen Associates
Sheldon Gilbert, Founder and CEO, Proclivity
Pinny Gniwisch, Founder and VP, Marketing,
Brian Klais, Vice President of Search, Netconcepts
Jeff Molander, Principal, Molander & Associates
Brian Platter, General Manager, Home Delivery, Peetâ??s Coffee & Tea
Brian Smith, Co-founder, SingleFeed

Free Traffic: SEO/SMO 101

Web 2.0 Expo NY — New York, NY

September 16th, 2008

Workshop by

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). The workshop will focus on how to acquire unpaid (aka “organic”) web site visitors from search engines like Google and Yahoo!, as well as from social networking and social media sites like Digg, MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube.

Chris Smith, Lead Strategist, Netconcepts
Neil Patel, Founder & CTO, ACS

So You Think Your Site Can Dance? SEO vs. Branding and Conversion Annual Summit — Las Vegas, NV

September 16th, 2008


Join search guru Stephan Spencer and usability and conversion expert Amy Africa in this fast-paced, no-holds-barred (they’ll be gentle if you’re in the audience!) critique-fest, where your and your colleagues’ retail sites are deconstructed in front of a live audience. Think Siskel and Roeper, but super-geeky, a little bit snarky, and fully hyped up on Red Bull.

Stephan Spencer, Founder & President, Netconcepts
Amy Africa, Chief Imagin-8-tion Officer, Eight By Eight

Natural Search Tactics for the Retailer Annnual Summit — Las Vegas, NV

September 16th, 2008


With SEO, strategy is important, but tactics are where the rubber meets the road. SEO is like microsurgery: you should only attempt it if you’re equipped with the proper techniques and tools. The devil really is in the details. A missed redirect, a misconfigured server directive, the lack of a critical tool, the wrong keywords in the wrong place or in the wrong order, and your rankings can tank. Learn how to herd the bots, track and measure the right things, identify and acquire the most valuable links, direct the flow of PageRank for maximum benefit, tune your templates and URLs, and more. Get ready, you’re going to be drinking from the firehose!

Stephan Spencer, Founder & President, Netconcepts
Ken Jurina, Founder and President, Epiar
Ian McAnerin, Founder and CEO, McAnerin International
Jenny Schlueter, Global Online Search Manager, Dell

How to Speak Geek: Working Collaboratively With Your IT Department to Get Stuff Done

Search Engine Strategies — San Jose, CA

August 21st, 2008


Are you in charge of marketing the website, yet have to deal with unfamiliar IT issues? How do you handle a mean IT department? Do you want to improve your relationship with your IT staff? This session provides clear advice and translates the geek-speak into real-life examples. Learn specific steps to analyze your website for potential search engine road blocks such as duplicate content penalties, canonicalization, circular navigation, and other technical horrors. We’ll help you identify potential problems and provide clear advice on how to approach your IT department with your request and an olive branch of peace.

Jeffrey Rohrs, Vice President, Marketing, ExactTarget

Matthew Bailey, President, SiteLogic
Andrea Bertone,
Chris Smith, Lead Strategist, Netconcepts

SEO Tactics for Vertical Search Inclusion & Rankings

SEOmoz Expert Training — Seattle, WA

August 20th, 2008

Seminar by

This session covers what’s in the vertical search algorithms for local, images, news, shopping, etc. and how can you optimize content to reach the top of these results.

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