Website Hosting

Does Your Website Hosting Solution Keep You Up Nights?

Netconcepts makes sure our clients have access to reliable Web hosting, data management and processing resources.

Your website isn’t much use to you if people can’t access it when they want to access it. Likewise, you need to be sure that the site will perform well no matter how many people are interacting with it.

  • Maintained: Is your site’s status monitored 24/7 and downtime minimized?
  • Backed Up: Is an up to date version of your site ready and waiting on another server?
  • Reported: Do you know what you need to know about your traffic?
  • Bandwidth: Do you have the bandwidth to handle traffic surges?

We’ve also minimized the risk that your site is affected by ISP problems beyond our control…

Our dedicated internet connection maximizes transfer rates and minimizes the affect of traffic surges on sites we don’t host. So sites we host are responsive (fast loading) and less susceptible to the fallout from traffic surges and problems we can’t control.

In short: you share our private road to the web rather than fighting the traffic jams on the freeway.

And our staff is there 24/7 to make sure that if anything goes wrong a backup version of your site, on another server, is in action within minutes not hours.

Hosting more than 800 websites on our California based Web servers, Netconcepts offers a comprehensive set of hosting services including:

  • Domain name purchase, hosting and management
  • Email address and account hosting
  • On site systems administrators dedicated to your web sites to keep everything patched and secure
  • SSL site certificates purchase and maintenance
  • Web Site traffic reporting with hourly updates
  • Connection to payments servers, Verisign, Cybercash, and DPS

We can get you the secure server you need to conduct pay flow business and accept payments online and arrange and manage your domain names. And our constantly updated traffic reporting means you can monitor traffic in real time.

Want or need to host your site yourself? That’s ok. We can provide Systems Administration services for your server. Netconcepts administers servers remotely for many companies with the same care as we look after our own.

Looking for the peace of mind offered by reliable website hosting? And the power offered by detailed knowledge of the traffic you are getting?

Talk to us about improving returns on your e-business investment with reliable website hosting.