SEO Ecommerce Software

Comprehensive Administration:

Ease of use is very important for both website visitors and the internal people responsible for updating the content of your website. With GravityMarket’s comprehensive administration, you will have access to update your own webpages. Both page content and product images can be changed from the administrative backend. This is just another way GravityMarket puts you in the driver’s seat of your website.

Comprehensive administration makes merchandising for your company easy and painless. Having control over your own site content enables you to change your online marketing “message,” as you deem necessary.

All of the functionality offered through the GravityMarket system is fully customizable and has the ability to grow as your company grows. We regularly innovate new E-Business solutions to meet the specific requests of any client. Netconcepts’ understands the needs of the ever-changing online business world. We are here for you now and we will be here with you, years down the road.

Product Merchandising:

Shoppers at your website will appreciate the ease and functionality of Netconcepts’ user-friendly ecommerce platform. GravityMarket incorporates product merchandising functionality into product page management.

GravityMarket allows you to maximize natural search listing by incorporating consumer-targeted keywords into GravityMarket’s product merchandising system. Doing so, presents your website to customers in their own language. Thinking how your customers think and providing them with well organized merchandise will ensure a quality shopping experience.

Additionally, use GravityMarket’s integrated management system to add customizable content fields, product specifications, warranty information, color, etc. to fit your customer’s specific needs.

GravityMarket is designed with the customer in mind:

  • Customers can sort products into multiple categories, on multiple product pages, and by price.
  • Customers will see related products, inventory availability, print-friendly pages, and rotating featured products.
  • Customers can notify their friends of your ecommerce site with our “Tell a Friend” feature.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at the product page or checkout level provide relevant suggestion for additional products of interest.

Promotional Engine:

Sometimes it’s the little things that make or break a potential sale. Offering discounts is a great way to persuade shoppers towards checkout completion. GravityMarket contains an easily managed, promotional engine. While in the administrative driver’s seat, set discounts at a certain percent or monetary value off the completed order. GravityMarket can also create X get Y free discounts. Establishing promotional codes will help you measure success of the promotion or discount.

Content Administration:

Content administration features provide easy access for updating and adding site content. Provide customers and visitors with focused, relevant, information. The content management of GravityMarket is an excellent place to target specific terms (keywords) within the context of your site. Targeting specific (long tail) terms will lengthen your consumer reach.

Customer service, product/merchandise support, and product reviews are imperative components to your site content. They offer visitors quality information that may encourage consumer confidence.

Home Page Content:

Your home page is the centralized point where most of your site traffic starts. Be sure to properly represent this “prime real-estate.” Utilizing best practice SEO and marketing this page for the consumer can dramatically improve your conversion rate. Consider the following items when designing content for your home page.

  • Dynamic Merchandizing
    • Best sellers
    • Sale items
    • Specialty items
  • Ability to customize introduction text
  • Mini-cart (w/ contents) at top of page
  • Order Administration

For further questions on home page marketing and details about other thought leadership included in our GravityMarket solution, contact Netconcepts at 1-888-207-1109.

Central Online Marketing Channel:

GravityMarket allows you to centralize your multichannel marketing opportunities. Have automated shopper follow-up upon purchase and even allow your customers control over their own personalized marketing messages. In the world of “2.0,” let our GravityMarket solution put you a step ahead of your competition.

The GravityMarket Ecommerce solution is integrated with the Netconcepts’ email marketing system called GravityMail. This allows you to implement integrated email marketing. As customers shop on your website, completely customizable “event-based” emails can be automatically sent to the shopper. (Ex. Dear John Doe, Thank you for your recent purchase)

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, feeds are another way to reach your customer base on a regular basis. RSS feed subscriptions are managed by the recipients themselves on a true opt-in marketing basis. GravityMarket’s administration provides tracking of RSS subscriptions, pings, and opens. Visitors subscribing to an RSS feed will receive notification about the specific offers on your website they chose to learn more about.

Ask us how GravityMarket can be utilized to strengthen your multi-channel marketing presence.

Focus on Your Customers:

Our GravityMarket solution allows customers to create their own individual account. Customers can also save multiple addresses, track orders, view order history, etc. A “personalized feel” is presented to your customers through management over their own account information.

GravityMarket is designed with the end user in mind. Even forgotten password situations have been thought through, providing your customers with a simple retrieval interface.

Treat your customers to GravityMarket ecommerce.

Website Statistics:

Once you have your new site up and running you’ll need to monitor its success.

GravityMarket lets you monitor the following items:

  • Products viewed
  • Referrals (based on referral codes)
  • Products purchased (down to the SKU level)
  • Search terms (including suggested content for common misspellings)
  • And more

Learn from these statistics what your customers shop for and how they shop. As you see what works and what doesn’t, talk with your Netconcepts’ account manager to implement the proper changes to improve your ecommerce success.