Search Engine Friendly Ecommerce

Search Engine Friendly Ecommerce Web Site Development:

GravityMarket has search engine optimization (SEO) best practices already built into it. Your E-business website will experience increased natural search results once GravityMarket has been implemented. GravityMarket also contains intellectual property that has been mastered through the many years of Netconcepts’ experience.

Optimal URLs for Dynamic Product Databases:

One of the most important SEO aspects is the ability to provide search-friendly URLs when calling products from a dynamic database. Search engines have programs, known as search engine spiders, which crawl through the Internet paying very close attention to URLs and site content. Having search engine spiders look through all your category pages, sub-category pages, and product pages, is known as having deep indexation. The more pages your website has indexed by search engines, the greater the opportunity for search traffic.

“Stop characters” (?, &, =) in your URLs, are the largest contributor to search engine spider frugality. Most Ecommerce websites often contain many stop characters due to variables in the URL structure. Netconcepts’ GravityMarket can help you clear the URL highway for safe search engine spider travel by creating dynamically-generated search engine friendly URLs for your website.

Optimal URLs for Dynamic Product Databases:

Website navigation provides visitors access and flow through your site. If your navigation doesn’t work, visitors and search engine spiders will become frustrated with your website and leave. In order to be most effective, navigation must be search engine friendly and provide usability for your visitors/customers at the same time. Text link navigation and links are one of the many ways to appease both sides. For SEO purposes, avoid using images as navigation buttons.

Baked in at Design, GravityMarket utilizes best-of-breed breadcrumb navigation to ensure a customer is able to move between levels at any point during browsing. The addition of breadcrumb navigation is another way to help optimize your website. breadcrumb navigation is displayed in a series of text links that name pages a visitor has been to from the homepage forward. (Ex. Homepage > Women > Footwear > Flip Flops)This type of navigation is usually located near the top or bottom of the browser window.

Breadcrumb navigation provides search engine spiders with quality keyword-rich text they need to successfully associate page relevancy of your webpages. Utilizing breadcrumb navigation makes both visitors and search engine spiders happy.

Search Engine Juice, Not Just For Breakfast:

The people at Google have created a method in order to measure the combination of external links, internal links, and relevant page text for any website. This information is gathered and read as the internet is spidered. The result is a webpage importance score called PageRank. PageRank is measured on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. The higher the PageRank score, the more prominent your webpage becomes. You want your homepage’s PageRank to flow down through your site hierarchy. Text-link navigation, clean URLs, and breadcrumb navigation play important roles in providing this flow.For long-term benefit and security, you should include all contributing factors listed below for optimal PageRank on your site.

  • Text-link navigation
  • Clean URLs
  • Breadcrumb navigation

GravityMarket ensures that search engine best practices are properly implemented for optimal PageRank flow.

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