Online Shopping Cart

Streamlined Checkout Process:

The GravityMarket shopping cart and checkout process is a highly developed component:

Cart Contents:
The shopping cart contents page displays all items in a customer’s cart and allows customers to specify quantity, remove products, and view product descriptions. It may also prompt the customer to login or create an account before allowing them to proceed through checkout.

  • Shipping estimator allows for total price transparency early in the process.
  • Works to decrease shopping cart abandonment.
  1. Shipping Address:

    Customers can create new shipping addresses or select from 1 of up to 5 (max) stored shipping addresses. Customers are also given the option to specify any special shipping instructions they require. Business rules surrounding shipping outside your company’s country of residence are enforced.

  2. Payment:

    Save your customers a step in the checkout process with available calculated shipping costs. The shipping methods available are standard mail, order value fixed amount per product, additional real-time shipping calculations available, UPS (weight & postcode based), USPS (weight & postcode based), and customer entered payment details. All major credit cards can be integrated into the checkout process of our GravityMarket solution. Remember, for security and peace of mind, we do not store any credit card details.

  3. Confirmation:

    Customers are asked to confirm transaction details prior to order submission. These details include order information, specified products, quantity, tax (if applicable), simple tax based on state (US), discount (if applicable), final order amount, and billing and shipping information.

Additional Usability Features:

  • Mini Cart:
    A Mini Cart provides a customer with a summary view of their shopping cart while shopping. Mini Cart also displays the following information on every page, if items are in cart: number of products in cart, sub-total, link to full shopping cart and checkout.